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Mexican Mennonites

Here’s a link to a recent piece on Old Colony Mennonites in Mexico.  Old Colony Mennonites are the second-largest Plain Anabaptist group after the Old Order Amish.  They share certain similarities with the Amish.  Great photos and more info at the link.

Growing Up Amish in Holmes County

Richard Stevick, author of Growing Up Amish: The Teenage Years, will be in the Holmes County, Ohio Amish settlement tomorrow (Sat June 4th), signing books at The Gospel Book Store in Berlin.

growing up amish stevickRich sends word that he would be glad to meet any Amish America readers if you are in the area.  If you are around, I encourage you to drop by and say hello to Rich.  I think you’ll really enjoy meeting him.

Rich and I finally had a chance to catch up in person when I dropped by on my recent visit to Pennsylvania.  Here is a piece Rich wrote on Florida plain publication The Pinecraft Pauper.  And if you haven’t read it, Growing Up Amish is great for understanding the Amish adolescent period Rumspringa.

Amish business paper

For those interested in learning more about the success factors of Amish business, Donald Kraybill, Steven Nolt, and I have a new paper that has just been published in the Journal of Enterprising Communities.

In the paper we look at Amish business success from the perspective of different types of socio-cultural capital, including ideas of religious, human, and symbolic capital.  You can find an abstract of the paper here.

Amish State Guide

The Amish State Guide is nearing completion, with 23 of 29 entries finished.  Recent additions include West Virginia and Colorado (with Nebraska and Delaware on deck).  Thanks for your ongoing feedback on the many constantly changing Amish communities around the country.  I plan to keep this guide as up to date as possible, and your input helps.

Amish Online Encyclopedia

I recently added 17 new entries to the Amish Online Encyclopedia, with more on the way.  If you have a general question on the Amish, that is a good place to start.  The AOE covers a wide range of questions, with examples including: Do Amish use birth control?;  What colors are Amish buggies?; Why don’t Amish sue?; and What holidays do Amish celebrate?.    One of the new entries: Can Amish marry non-Amish?

Photo of the day

Weather is warming up which means more two-wheeled vehicles on the road.  This looks like a great back country lane for both buggies and cyclists.  From the vicinity of Parkman, Ohio (Geauga County Amish settlement):

amish cyclists ohio

Photo credit: Jeff Pyle

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