Springford, Ontario Amish settlement

A reader in Canada has shared some photos and background on the small settlement located near the village of Springford in Ontario.

The community consists of 4 church districts and was founded in 1954.  It is apparently quite conservative, using outhouses and open-front buggies and oil lamps for lighting, and blankets used to keep warm in winter.

One particular point of interest in this community, he explains, are the distinct door colors.  They are either a light blue, grey, or dark green, coloration which has remained consistent over the years.

He also adds that doors of a particular color seem to be grouped together in a given area in the settlement.  Hard to say if there is any particular reason for that.  Light blue doors are consistently found in other Amish communities, particularly in Big Valley and New Wilmington in Pennsylvania.

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    1. Monica

      And working windmills, too.

    2. Great pics! I would love to know more about the doors!

    3. magdalena

      I live near here. I sometimes see the buggies in Norwich. I didn’t realize the community was that big. I thought it was just a couple of outlying farms from St. Jacob’s. Since I don’t have a vehicle myself, I haven’t looked around much,

    4. sadie

      these appear to be an offshoot of the Nebraska Amish we have here in Union Co. PA … the blue doors are a giveaway … apparently (so i was told by an old order Amish gentleman) the door color signifies a marriage age single daughter in the family!! subtle, no?

    5. sadie

      To Mamahen … i have some great photos of the local farms with the blue doors and can also direct you to the scribes from that area and the center county scribes in Die Botschaft if you are interested.

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    7. Paul Wood

      Great people

      I seen a youtube on the Amish people and how they live on those big farms and how they all work together.To me they are great hardworking healthy people.And i love the way they farm the ground as of no pesides or chemicals in their foods.

      I am from New Brunswick Canada and i wish we had those people here to run some of those farms thats been run down or gave up.I welcome them with open arms.

      I know there is a lot of amish in the U.S.A. as of Ohio and Penn.