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    Jack Vahe
    Comment on Arthur, Illinois Amish (July 24th, 2009 at 19:41)

    Arthur, Ill. is a great place to visit – -when you arrive – – slow down, now is the time to learn about these gracious people who call themselves “Amish”.
    Here is what I can describe to you about them after talking to them and taking a genuine interest.
    They are honest hard working people – – who have adopted a lifestyle based on religious, moral, traditional and communal beliefs. Each one of these attributes contain a myriad of details that cannot be covered adequately in a day or a week. we were lucky enough to be-friend an “Old Order” Amish family who have become friends with us – – -we stay with them when we visit and always look forward to seeing them at least twice a year. Please visit Arthur and don’t plan too much for Sunday’s. use the day to travel. Jack Vahe

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    C. U. Later
    Comment on Arthur, Illinois Amish (July 25th, 2009 at 16:40)

    Mostly gravel roads? How long ago was that? Most roads in Central Illinois are paved including the Arthur area. The real problem is lack of stop signs at most country intersections. This is especially true during the corn season and you cannot see until you are IN the intersection.

    From someone who just about got run over by a HUGE combine. Well, it looked huge close up.

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    Comment on Arthur, Illinois Amish (November 16th, 2009 at 13:12)

    CU, you are right on the gravel/paved roads–my goof, and have corrected it. I do recall a few places where stop signs would have been useful as well. Can’t really understand how that is supposed to work!

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    Linda Neering
    Comment on Arthur, Illinois Amish (March 9th, 2011 at 23:08)

    Looking for an Amish family in IL or IN where my daughter and her girlfriend can visit and stay for one or two nights to learn the Amish way of life.
    They are both intersted since meeting 2 Amish families July of 2010 who camped nearby at Potato Creek in Liberty, Indiana.
    The girls loved the children and the relaxed way of life and now want to learn more.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated. They are both going to SIUE Fall 2011, and desire this Amish experience this summer. Thank you. Linda Neering
    neering55@aol.com or 708-275-4202
    I understand Arthur Settlement is the largest but any family willing to take in these two caring girls, either IL or IN would be great.
    Thanks for your time.

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    Pat Camden
    Comment on Love the Amish (January 24th, 2012 at 23:30)

    Love the Amish

    We visited Authur for a few days on vacation and just loved the area.Returned later and stayed longer.Went through lots of stores.Checked prices at other stores that sold Amish furniture.Then checked the Amish shops and bought Amish furniture.The furniture we want to take home that day we got to tothe Simply Amish Warehouse to pick up.Plus we ordered more furniture to be delivered later when our house was finished being remodeled.We bought all our furniture from Furniture Plus.The Amish are very good at helping you find out what fits your pocketbook.We also ordered a Amish staircase a support beam and Amish trim for our house.Someone told us we have everything but a horse and buggy.By ordering directly from the Amish we saved money even after paying someone to deliver the rest.It’s a great place to visit and buy Amish made goods.That includes home canned pie fillings to make we you get home.Also the fresh baked goods.Yum yum.Can’t say enough about the Amish.Go and take a family vacation there.You won’t regret it we didn’t.

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      Marcus Yoder
      Comment on Arthur, Illinois Amish (January 25th, 2012 at 05:48)

      Did you get a tour of the Simply Amish wharehouse? Some of my relatives own this.The first part of january a couple of my brother’s went to Arthur for the veiwing of an aunt, and got a tour of this place.
      Marcus Yoder

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