The Amish at Arthur, Illinois (10 Photos)

Alice Aber shares a pile of pics from a trip to the Arthur, Illinois Amish community.  A special thanks to Alice; I think you’ll enjoy these photos:

amish transportation

amish fabrics books store

amish mailboxes

arthur amish buggy

amish home arthur

amish horses illinois

arthur amish home barn

amish bicycle illinois

amish bulk foods

amish buggy reflectors

See Alice’s photos of the Roselen’s Amish coffee shop at Arthur.

Read more on the Arthur Amish and Amish furniture in Illinois.

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    1. Alice Aber

      Erik, I know the one with the license plate was a bit blurry trying to shoot it through the car window in a moving car but that would still have been a good one to post in my opinion. 🙂

      I had fun, plan on going back in a few weeks to a month, LOL.

      Blessings, Alice

      1. You gave me a job to narrow down it to 10 Alice, some great shots 🙂 Love the late summer feel.

        1. Alice Aber

          Erik & Jessica

          Erik, I know it is hard to narrow them down, LOL. And also I had not thought about the privacy issue with posting the one with the license plate, you are right.

          Jessica, yes those are handles. Glad you enjoyed the pics!!

          By the way, the 8th picture down is the drive thru window at Roselen’s Coffee Shop. I had waited about 45 minutes to catch a buggy going through the drive thru but alas, it did not happen today. Perhaps next time!

          Erik, it was indeed a late summer early fall kind of day. Temperatures in the low 70s with a slight breeze. The air was fresh and clean. I even bought a couple of pie pumpkins at Beachy’s which I will bake to use the meat for pies and breads.

          Blessings, Alice

    2. Jessica

      Are those metal things above and below the orange triangle handles? They look like dog bones at first glance. 😀 I was trying to figure out why they had a dog bone bumper sticker on the back of their buggy! lol

      Excellent pics! Thanks for sharing! I could look at Amish pics all day. 🙂

    3. Kathy Rowe

      Great pictures! I really enjoy this website with all the interesting information and photos made available to us.
      thanks so much for sharing!

    4. Marilyn fron New York

      Great pictures Alice. I really like the buggy ones and the man in the plow scene. You did really great work.

    5. Amish Stories

      Very nice work Alice......

      I enjoy seeing pictures of Amish settlements that ive yet to visit, and Arthur would be included as one of them. I like the buggy with all those reflectors, like in Lancaster and Lebanon counties i wonder if that’s done strictly out of safety or maybe done as a way to give the owners buggy some flash. In some cases but rare ill see a bumper sticker right on a slow moving vehicle sign right on the back of a buggy, so that along with lots of reflectors may be a way to personalize your ride and still be ok with your church. Richard

    6. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      Man in the horses’ south bound direction

      The fellow standing behind the pair of horses looks like he’s either loading something, or getting ready to throw the item in his hand, either at Alice or at the horses themselves. What say you?

    7. Alice Aber


      SHOM, you mean the little boy? I think he was a curious about me as I was about him. I had a little chat with his dad who was setting up the cutters they were pulling to do some more grass cutting. Geeze, I hope they don’t throw anything at me, LOL. I think some of the grass got caught up in the cutters and they had to clean it out because shortly after that they headed back in the field again.

      Glad everyone is liking the pictures. I hope to take another trip back down there the beginning of October. Hopefully the next time I will grab the right disc for the camera and will have even more pictures for Erik to go through, LOL.

      Blessings, Alice

    8. Alice Mary

      Thank you for the pictures, Alice. I envy you for getting to Arthur…of course, you’re lots closer than I am! Since this is the only Amish settlement I’ve ever been to, I’m really enjoying your pics.

      Could you tell me what road Clearview Fabrics and Books is on, just in case I get down there in the next year or so? It looks like a place I’d want to visit!

      What was the best part of your visit, this time? You had beautiful weather.

    9. I like the candy cane styling on the bottom buggy. It’s very Christmas. Also probably gets some attention on the road 🙂

    10. Alice Aber

      Alice Mary

      Clear View is on CR 500. If you go north out of downtown Arthur on Vine Street it would be a turn to the right a few roads north of town. Follow that out a few miles, you will come to some train tracks to your right that you will have to cross over then bear to your left again and follow that out some more. It will be on the left hand side of the road.

      My first time there was on this trip and I really enjoyed it. I plan on going back again. They have several books I would like to get along with some fabrics for dresses.

      blessings, Alice

    11. Beautiful photos!

      Thanks for the beautiful photos. Alice has a great eye for photo composition!
      I have a question for Erik: I know the Amish do not work on Sundays – does that include cooking? Do they cook Sunday meals on Sunday or prepare ahead of time?

    12. GREAT pictures, Alice! I’m about 3 hours from there – we should meet there sometime and go “touristing” together. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    13. Al in Ky.

      Thanks, Alice, for some very good pictures of the Arthur area. I’m glad you included one of Beachy’s Bulk Foods. I’ve been going
      to Beachy’s for many years and it’s been interesting to see how
      Beachy’s building has been enlarged as the business has grown.
      I always enjoy traveling south out of Arthur on Vine St. From
      Route 133 south to Springfield Road, I call it the “Arthur Amish
      Strip Mall” for it seems like there is one Amish business right
      after another. I enjoy stopping at the shoe store, hardware
      store, health food store, etc. And it’s a special treat if there
      is some special auction or relief sale at the Otto Center — I’ve
      had lots of good Amish food there!

    14. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      Alice Aber: I guess it is a little boy. I thought maybe he was an adult and in low ground or a rut behind the horses, making him look smaller than the animals. I like the anonymous nature of the picture of the boy, it could be anybody!

      Alice, I also really like the story you shared about him and his father! Thanks!

    15. Alice Mary

      Just wondered...

      How did Arthur, IL get it’s name? Erik? Alice? I don’t remember ever hearing that story when I visited the area several years back.

      Alice Mary

    16. Marcus Yoder

      My gg grandfather was one of the first Amish to settle in Arthur Illinios. His name was Mose’s Yoder. Other’s with him were Joel Beachy, Daniel Otto, and I think a Miller also. Alice is Beachy’s north west of Arthur?

      Marcus Yoder

    17. Alice Aber


      BethR,,, that would be a lot of fun to do sometime.

      Al, Beachy’s has really expanded inside. Since I was there last November they have moved the cooler/freezer cases back almost 15 feet it seemed and made them much bigger and brighter. Now they have enough room to put in another row of whatever they like. I have taken pictures of Vine St. in the past. A pretty neat town.

      SHOM you are most welcome, and thank you! I enjoyed taking these pictures and riding around in the country.

      Alice Mary, I do not know how they got the name but if Erik or someone else doesn’t know I guess I will have a mission the next time I go down, LOL.

      Marcus, Beachy’s is actually south and east of Arthur. I am hoping to get some inside pictures of the store the next time I go down.

      I am so happy everyone like the pictures I took. Arthur is a beautiful area and I truly enjoy going there on a day trip.

      Blessings, Alice

    18. Debbie Welsh

      Love your pictures, Alice. And I agree with you about the candy cane design on the back of that buggy, Erik. In fact, it’s so eye catching that perhaps they should all do their buggies like that so no one could possibly miss them!

    19. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      I’m not sure that Debbie Welsh’s comments about the candy cane pattern catching on will, er, catch on, mostly because it would draw unwanted attention and be seen as overly immodest in some quarters, I would guess. It does look really neat, but there are people who might go the modest route about them.

      Marcus Yoder’s comment got me thinking, how common a last name is Beachy among the Amish?

    20. OldKat

      A youngster learns how to work ...

      Great pictures Alice. I like how clean and fresh looking everything is.

      In the picture with the little boy behind the troika of work horses there is a lot going on there even as they are at rest. The two on the pole appear to be a fairly matched team of Percheron crossed with something else, possibly ¾ Perch & ¼ Belgian, but hard to tell. The third horse looks to be younger and appears to be a Shire-Belgian cross. Note the “jockey” stick from the bottom off side hame ring on the middle horse back to the third horse. I can’t see what it is snapped onto, but it would usually be on the bottom halter ring with the halter being worn under the bridle. He doesn’t appear to have a halter on so it is probably snapped to the nearside ring on his bit.

      The point of the jockey stick is to keep that third horse from crowding the inside horse. Since he is not on a neck yoke like the other two are there is nothing to keep him from coming over and bumping the inside horse. As long as that jockey stick is I think maybe he had been pestering the other horse and is being held off to minimize his youthful behavior. Funny thing is I don’t see any lines to the third horses bit, so either the farmer had unsnapped him or he has him bucked back somehow that I can’t see and is just driving the other two. Either way, I suspect this horse is relatively new to the world of work; possibly a three year old. Next year he will be four and an old pro, no need for any special hardware to keep him in line.

      Notice the middle horse, it is completely relaxed and catching a much appreciated break. The team mate to it is also resting, though it is watching some out of camera shot because the head is up, the ears forward. Meanwhile, Junior is fidgeting with his bit and wants to get going again. He has not yet learned the value of resting every chance he gets. He doesn’t understand that cessation of work is a reward. Did you happen to notice Alice; was the horse closest to you moving around a bit and more “antsy” than the other two? If he wasn’t, it was only because they weren’t stopped long enough for him to get fidgety. At least that is what I would suspect just looking at what you captured in this picture.

      Again, great pictures …wish I had been there to see it myself.

    21. Marcus Yoder

      Shom Peter Bitche born 1725 in europe came to America. One of his children took the name Peachy, and the rest Beachy. It is fairly common.
      Marcus Yoder

    22. Mona G.

      Great job on the pictures Alice Alber,would love to see many more….you really did a good job……hey BTW are you back to doing emails ?????

    23. Alice Aber


      Thanks Mona, I enjoyed taking them. Erik has a few more he might post sometime, if not there will be others the next time I go down to Arthur. Yes, you can start emailing again, LOL. I was going to wait a few more days but no biggy, I am getting settled in now. 🙂

      Blessings, Alice

    24. Alice Aber

      Old Kat

      Wow, you sure do know a lot about the horses. Thanks for all the info!! I had a lot of fun getting out and taking pictures. I hope to do it again next month. 🙂

      Blessings, Alice

    25. Rachel

      Arthur Amish Photos

      Hey their! I just wanted to say thanks for posting these photos! I grew up just a town away from Arthur. Spent many days their. My husband and I were attending a Mennonite Church their for 9 months, but we moved to MI due to family reasons. Now with the help of an amish elder here, we are going to be with the Beachy Amish for a few Sundays to see if that is were we belong or if we should contuinue our journey by joing the Old or New Order Amish.

      Again thanks for posting. Takes my memory back to home! 🙂

    26. Alice Mary

      Rachel, I sure hope you keep in touch with this blog, ’cause I’d like to hear what you finally decide, as to where you “belong”—Beachy Amish, or Old/New order Amish. I’m sure others here would be interested, too. I was wondering, though, if you’d still be able to blog, period!

      Good luck!

      Alice Mary

      1. Rachel

        Alice Mary, Thanks for being interested in my journey. It has been quite….lets say EXCITING!!!! They Lord has blessed me in so many ways since he came into my heart! I look back on the person I once was, and I’m so ashamed of what I did. But now I understand that I made many wrong decesions in my young adulthood that I wish I could change but I feel as God has told me to push back thouse thoughts, that he forgives me, and that he has givin me a second chance. I will never turn away form him! I live each and every day for him. Praise the LORD!!!! I have found my path to walk!

        God Bless
        A Friend

    27. Rachel

      Alice Mary,

      One more thing! I forgot to answer your question!!!! 🙂 Um as far as I know The Beachy Amish only alow computers for certen things, but I hear it depends on the church and what the Bishop says is okay. If we joined the New or Old Order Amish, their would be no blogging! I hear the only way they can use a computer is if it is for business reasons.

      My husband and I are meeting with the Bishop from the Beachy Amish tomorrow night along with the amish elder (which he is old order) that is helping us with our journey. He wants us to be happy where we feel we belong. We are so blessed that he came into our lives. Such a wonderful man, that has faith that could strech around the world. If we are not able to use computers then it will be a blessing to write by mail.

      A Friend

    28. Ernie Yoder

      Hello everyone,

      I am a member of the Beachy church and yes we have computers.

      Just recently I got started giving guided tours through Amish country in Arthur, IL. and enjoy that very much.

      The original Amish settlers came to Arthur during times of slavery. The first Amish came one month before Abraham Lincoln was assinated. Because of the lack of media coverage the Amish may have been unaware of it for several days or even weeks…. and since their lifestyle was so secluded.. it probably had very little or no effect on them.

      1. Alice Aber

        Ernie Yoder

        Greetings Ernie,

        The next time I am in Arthur I would dearly love to meet you and pick your brain for a while if you do not mind. I would also love to find out about your guided tours. I might be going out on a limb but I think Erik would love to do a story about it on here and I could be the go between. 🙂 Please feel free to email me at Would love to get in touch with you!

        Blessings, Alice

    29. Ernie Yoder

      I be glad to meet you.

      I was born and raised Amish. I was an Amish school teacher until about 8 years ago. That is when we left the Amish. (long story) We have 6 children.(4 dau. & 2 sons.. also one dau. in heaven) Our 3 oldest daughters are married. The oldest 2 of those 3 are Amish wives and have an Amish family. LOL we have 7 grandchildren and they are all Amish except one. Are you confused yet?

      We love our Lord and Savious Jesus Christ and we are a close-knit family. Our greatest joy is to see that our children walk with the Lord.


      1. Alice and Ernie glad to hear from you both on this and Ernie would be nice to hear anything you’d like to share. I hope you and your family are at a good place as I know things can get complicated in that kind of situation!

        Ernie I just visited an Amish school in Lancaster which was a two-room school in co-operation with Mennonite families (both teachers Mennonite, students 2/3 Mennonite 1/3 Amish, electricity and copiers in the school).

    30. Alice Aber

      Ernie & Erik

      I can’t wait to meet you Ernie, it will be great to have a nice conversation. No, you did not really confuse me on your family. I have a bit of a confusing situation myself at times, LOL.

      I am hoping to be down there sometime after the first of October depending on how my neighbor is doing and when her son and daughter will be back again. As I told you in my email, she had a massive heart attack and I am quite busy taking care of house and family and pets at the moment.

      I saved your emails and will contact you when I have an exact date and time. I would love to write a story on your tourist business, that could be a lot of fun!

      Erik, if you have any other things you would like to hear about perhaps you could let Ernie and I know and that is something we can talk about when I am there?

      Hope you both have a blessed day!

      1. Hi Alice, I will do that, will get in touch with you, thank you. Sounds like a good trip. And sorry to hear about your neighbor.

    31. Ernie Yoder

      Woah, woah!! if you think I am a professsional tour guide you will be disappointed. I love meeting people and sharing about our Amish culture and what it means to them.

      Did you notice the last picture above?… the buggy has brakes… the drums next to the back wheels are the brakes. Some of these buggies have brakelights that come on when the brakes are applied. LOL. This is great when Amish drive a restless horse up to a stop sign and the horse begins to reverse the buggy. There was nothing a woman could do but allow the horse to back the buggy into the front of a vehicle that got too close. Now all she needs to do is “hit the brake”.

    32. Alice Aber



      I thought you had said you opened a tourist business. Sorry if I miss understood. To me guided tours is a sort of tourist business. I would still like to write a story on it, LOL.

      I had not noticed the brakes before you mentioned them. But I do like the idea they have them. As a former truck driver I would always get nervous if someone pulled up really close to the back of the trailer as I could also roll back a little bit if I were on an incline waiting at a stop sign or traffic light. Too bad people do not use more common sense but they do not. I always try to give the vehicle or buggy ahead of me some room, you just never know what might happen.

      At any rate I am looking forward to meeting with you and have a good chat. 🙂 I too am a Christian and love my Lord Jesus.

      Blessings, Alice

    33. Ernie Yoder

      Hey Erik,

      That is interesting; a Mennonite teacher with Amish students?? I have a Mennonite friend(no Amish background)that taught in Amish schools for many years. He taught in his home community in Daviess County, IN. He was well respected and everyone seemed to appreciate him. He had one of the school parents come into his classroom once a week to teach German.(You can’t teach something you don’t know. LOL

      1. Amish/Mennonite schools

        Hi Ernie, yes you are right it is. It’s actually fairly common in northern Lancaster County where the Amish and Old Order Mennonite communities overlap. There’s an interesting look at how the two groups work things out (ie like whether or not to have electricity in the school) in Karen Johnson-Weiner’s book Train Up a Child. To my knowledge this is the main community where you’d have this arrangement. There may be others like it but they don’t spring immediately to mind.

        I’ve come across some situations like you describe as well. Probably even less common but it does happen–and yes I think I’d find teaching German a challenge too!

        Great to hear from you.

    34. Nelson

      Very interesting,,,,,
      Here in Holmes county , Ohio is a Mennonite and Amish Private School with @ 80 different pupils or more, from different denominations, including Old Order, New Order, Beachy,and other groups in there ,too..
      The Principal lived and taught in Smyrna Mills, Maine several terms, and really enjoys the difference here, instead of debating on secondary issues , like whether they can have a copier in the school, they share the primary issues of life and seem to get along really well….and by the way that principal is New New Order.
      Come and visit me sometime, and will take you to visit that school. Email me

    35. Susan F


      Hi, Ernie. How does one get in touch with you to do a tour? I live near Arthur, and often have Englishers who want a tour of the area. I’ve taken them on house tours, gone to the Museum and have visited most of the shops. I especially like the ABC educational store, which has a good selection of unusual games, a large selection of quality puzzles, and many OOP books. I buy spices from Beachy’s. I buy produce from Country Salvage, and they also carry a local candy maker’s confections, (Kandies something). They have the most delicious ever English Toffee, Marshmallow bark and Pecan Brittle. There is a sandwich shop in downtown Arthur called Country Cheese & More. They sell a large variety of cheeses, with samples usually available, great sandwiches to go, and the absolute best snickerdoodles I’ve ever had. Roselen’s Coffees & Delights on Columbia street has a great menu. They have soft serve in 24 flavors and absolutely terrific coffee drinks. Try the bologna and apple butter sandwich. Sounds strange, but was yummy. There are several gift shops and consignment shops in downtown. The quilt shop has many beautiful fabrics.

      1. Ernie Yoder

        You are definitely better educated than I am, Susan, when it comes to the contents of the stores and shops. Wow! good info- makes me want to check these out for myself.

        When I’m on tour I like to talk with my group on what is of most interest to them in regard to the Amish. It may be of their culture, …lifestyle, …religion, or all the above… mixed in with my experience as an Amish boy, man, father, and school teacher, etc. I never know where our discussion will lead us. My goal is to get my group to experience the emotion of being Amish.I want you to experience the joys and sorrows of the Amish.

        I am unable to fully explain what I’m saying …until you come visit our Amish country and see it for yourself. You may email me at for personal info.


    36. Susan F

      Thanks, Ernie!

      I’d love to bring some folks to share your story sometime, that would be more precious than material goods. We’ll take you to drink coffee at Roselen’s! I’ll write.