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    Alice Mary
    Comment on Bad habits! (May 9th, 2017 at 09:37)

    Bad habits!

    It always surprises me to hear that the Amish allow (if not embrace?) the same bad habits as the English, especially any kind of “substance” abuse. I’m guessing some districts are stricter than others and, possibly (?) FORBID smoking as part of their Ordnung? Still, smoking seems fairly widespread if this 15-year study could be accomplished!

    How about chewing tobacco? Is that also common among the Amish? Just curious.

    Alice Mary

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    Mark — Holmes Co.
    Comment on 15-Year Amish Smoking Study Shows Secondhand Exposure Dangers (May 9th, 2017 at 09:47)

    You are right, Alice Mary. There are many Amish church groups who strictly forbid tobacco use, some that strongly discourage it, others who tolerate it, and some who embrace it.

    In our community, the New Orders strictly forbid tobacco use of any kind. In our church group it is very strongly discouraged. I am only aware of one man in our church who smokes and he is very careful to do so “out of sight.” (And for all I know he may have managed to kick the habit by now — I know he was trying.) He is an older man. Not so many years ago there were more of our people who smoked, but as health and moral concerns grew, we saw most people quit and the attitude towards smoking change. Here and there they may be other older people who never managed to quit or didn’t want to, but again, in our immediate group it is rare and very much frowned upon.

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