Scenes from Snowy Shipshewana (16 Photos)

A reader shares some photos taken over the weekend in the Shipshewana area.


As you can see in these photos, there’s a good bit of snow on the ground. Apparently it is piling up.  Another friend in Indiana suggests that could mean serious spring flood danger, at least in his neck of the woods.

Amish Farmhouse Indiana Shipshewana

Update: Here’s a bonus photo that was taken northeast of Shipshewana (this one was taken in late January), showing how much it can pile up:


The Amish around Shipshewana are among the most progressive, technology-wise, in northern Indiana. 

Rooftop Solar Amish IN


Wind Power Shipshe


Wind Power Amish Shipshewana


Amish Home Rooftop


Shipshewana Tractor


School Solar Amish Indiana

A number of Amish businesses are found in the area.  This first one looks in danger of being engulfed.

Schrock Family Store


Quality Fencing Shipshewana

Canvas Shop Shipshewana Indiana


Horseshoeing By Appointment

And though RV work is commonplace in northern Indiana, there are still plenty of signs of agriculture.

Corn Bin


Amish Farm Buildings Indiana


Cows Red Shed


Cow Pose

A big thank you to our photo contributor.

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    1. Guy

      We were there about 5 years ago

      Yes We were there at Shipshewana
      We loved the market
      But We didn’t see much to do there and wE sure didn’t see many Amish maybe its us we didn’t know where to go
      But will not go back again


        go to the farms

        I’ve gone to Ship she wanna on business many times. Just pull into the many long drive ways to the little signs at the road leading to many surprises, cabinets , furniture ,honey, foods,farms, animals, dinners with the Amish in their homes,go to a ice cream socials, cheese factory tours, quilt makers, ride in a buggy, see how coaches are made, watch horse shoeing, auctions weekly, huge fire pots cooking apple butter over open fire outside. Getting up early in the morning and listening to the the click,click of the horses taking people to work.Oh how much you missed. A smile ,a chuckle is often found. I remember as a store had just opened when a group of young ladies were tuning the radio,when one of them gigled and said “hey girls thats kind of worldly for us isnt it?” Its their life style and they live in peace with it. I always came away with seeing so much to learn from them and shareing their love of God to others in a simple way.

      2. Janice


        I can’t believe you didn’t see many Amish, their all over. I’ve been going there for 40 years, just love it. They have 3 blocks of shops, antique stores, museum explaining the Amish way of life, excellent restaurants and bakery. Every Tuesday and Wednesday they have the biggest flea market east of the Mississippi River. Then if you drive over to Middlebury you have an excellent restaurant with wonderful bakery and gift shop, also probably the best INN you would every want to stay at. Now that sounds like a lot to me. You can also drive down the roads and see all the Amish houses and some of their businesses. Also, if your wife or girlfriend is interested in quilting, they have an absolutely wonderful quilt shop called Lolly’s.

        1. Guy

          maybe we need to go back

          Ok will see about going back
          We only live one hour and half to this place

      3. Garrett Kozlowski

        don,t be discouraged

        Indiana is the 2nd largest Amish community, I feel bad you didn’t see many Amish, You have to go back, travel the back roads, see the amish houses and farms, if your in Middlebury travel county road 16 stop at the Dutch Country Market and see how honey is made, Norman is a expert bee keeper, the honey is out of this world, travel down the road to the cheese house try the samples of cheeses and finally stop at the Rise and roll bakery for out of this world doughnuts and be sure to try the sausage roll, hey and you can even drop me a line and I would be glad to show you some other places, I always love to go out there, I live close to Chicago so for me it’s heaven on Earth out there, don’t let one bad experience discourage you.

    2. Oliver Dodge

      One of these things is not like the other ones...

      In a more progressive community it is not at all surprising to see wind and solar power for electricity. This way they can use modern technology and still remain off the grid. The one thing that really looks out of place is the John Deere tractor. I assume it belongs to an English neighbor? If they were using tractors it would seem that they would not have cabs or rubber tires.

      1. ShipshewanaIndiana


        Tractors are common in the more progressive districts here. No districts allow them to be used in farming / field work, but the more progressive districts allow them to be used with tillers, mowers and for pulling wagons.

        1. garrett

          Hey Shipshewana, I bought my bird feeder, I absolutely love it

      2. Just to tack on to SI’s helpful comment, there are some communities outside this settlement where Amish do use tractors for field work and even as a sort of road transportation. For instance the community at Guthrie, KY uses them on the road (see photo #1 at the first link):

      3. Trish in Indiana

        Guy, I hope you don’t mind that I chuckled a bit when I read your post about not seeing many Amish in Shipshewana. I am from neighboring Elkhart County (also part of “Amish country”), often hunt in Lagrange County, and worked a few summers years ago at Holly Park Homes when it was across from the flea market, so the area is somewhat familiar to me. Yet when a friend was visiting several years ago and asked to see “the Amish,” I was at a total loss as to what to show her! I mean, if I want to see Amish people, I can drive five minutes to Wal-Mart. 🙂 They’re just people, after all. I remember that I drove her through Lagrange County, but wouldn’t you know, we saw hardly a buggy. Every time I’m there by myself, I see plenty, and think nothing of it. It’s almost as if they “know” when someone has come from afar just to see them.

        If my friend comes again, I’ve decided we’ll stay at one of the bed and breakfasts, treat her to dinner at Das Dutchman Essenhaus in Middlebury, and take her to Amish Acres in Nappanee, maybe take in a show at the Roundhouse Theater. If we go to Lagrange County, we’ll go on flea market day, and I’ll make a point of taking her to some of the touristy shops in Shipshewana. That’s what I suggest you do next time!

    3. City Slicker


      Great photos!

      BTW, although we’re not aware of what they’re used for, in the past couple of years we’ve noticed a lot of solar panels on Amish buildings in Lancaster PA, too; we haven’t seen wind turbines — yet.

      1. Matt from CT

        Lancaster’s probably too close to Washington, they’d be afraid the windmills were being powered by the hot air coming from the politicians.

    4. Alice Mary

      I enjoyed my 2-day trip to the Shipshewana/Middlebury area last Spring and unlike you, Guy, I saw many, many Amish. Of course, I was on an “Amish” tour, so the tour guide knew the Amish area/businesses and personally knew many Amish families. I’d suggest going back & checking out Middlebury, too.

      Yes, the photos look a lot like what we’ve been enduring this winter in northern Illinois. On some rural routes, there are literally towering walls of snow on either side of the road, making for a claustrophobic commute! As I write this, we’re in the middle of yet another snowstorm. At this point, I’m SURE some of these snow piles will still be around for Easter.

      Thanks to the photographer for what Shipshewana looks like in the Winter.

      Alice Mary

      1. Guy

        Yes I wish we knew more

        My wife and I was told there will be a lot there to see
        and we didn’t I know the reason is we were alone didn’t know where to go and what to do
        I just wish we would had more help to get around and tell us where the happening was. Where 🙂 we do go a lot in sugar Creek ohio Holmes county

    5. Slightly-Handled-Order-Man

      Well, some of these pictures really put things into winter perspective for me. As high as some of the snow piles are here around these parts, there is always places that look like more. Actually, at the end of my street a property owner built the biggest snowman I’ve seen in recent memory. It wasn’t built by kids that’s for sure, it almost looks like it was packed together by ploughs or something and done in tiers to achieve height.

    6. Al in Ky

      I always enjoy when other readers share photos that you post, Erik.
      These of Shipshewana area in winter were very enjoyable. Brought back memories of when I was in the area several years ago in Dec.
      and they had a winter storm with quite a bit of snow. I went to an Amish farm auction southeast of Shipshewana and the roads were bad and my car slid off the road. An Amish farmer with his two teenage sons came along in their buggy and were very understanding and said they’d go back to their nearby farm and bring their tractor back to pull me out. I offered them money for their help, but they insisted they didn’t want any payment. I gave them the money anyway and told them it was for their district’s hospital fund, which they then gratefully accepted.

    7. garrett

      nice and snowy

      I just came back from a week out inn shipshewana and Middlebury, there was a good amount of snow, I was traveling the county roads and there had to be at least 4 feet of of snow you can see plowed up in the road

    8. ann

      Word is they’re very worried about spring floods in IN. Snowiest winter in years , if not on record (haven’t heard lately- have been too absorbed in the political situation here in Ukraine to even know what’s happening back home).
      There will always be signs of agriculture where there are Amish people….if for no other reason than to feed the horse and have someplace to put the manure!

    9. Katrina

      Thank you for the beautiful photos-I am from the Shipshe area originally.

    10. Katrina

      Thank you for the beautiful photos-I am from the Shipshe area originally.
      To the poster who was complaining about not seeing Amish, maybe you were there on a day when the Amish had something else going on: a wedding, a funeral, whatever. Please plan another visit.

      1. Guy

        Yes We miss it

        Yes We are Not complaining ! We are just saying the fact
        We didn’t know what we were doing and where to go
        am just saying for 3 days Yes We only seen a few amish