Do you know any Yoders? If so, you might want to congratulate them on a big anniversary.

It’s been three centuries since the first Anabaptist Yoder set foot in North America.

Shipshewana, IN will be home to a special edition of the Yoder Reunion event:

The 2017 National Yoder Reunion will take place Sept. 20 to 23, and it will commemorate the 300th year since the arrival of the first Anabaptist Yoder (a Mennonite) in America on Aug. 17, 1717. The reunion will focus on the Anabaptist heritage of major branches of the Yoder family. According to organizers, family members from 26 states, Canada and Switzerland are registered to attend and the City Council has formally declared the dates as “Yoder Reunion Days.”

Yoder is one of the most common Amish surnames. Like Stoltzfus or Hershberger, when you hear it you just think “Amish”.

It’s a Swiss origin name which historically had numerous spellings. According to GAMEO, these include Ioder, Joder, Yoeder, and Yotter.

Besides that, the name appears in a number of significant Amish-related items.

amish restaurants sarasota

There is the Amish community at Yoder, Kansas, a place named after the son of an Amish bishop.

There is the landmark Supreme Court Case Wisconsin v. Yoder.

If you’ve ever visited the unusual Amish community at Pinecraft (Sarasota, FL), you may have filled up at Yoder’s Restaurant.

And there is also a quip I once heard.

Another name for an Amish taxi?

A Yoder Toter.

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