Amish and Mennonites in KY

Genevieve at has shared some local insight in a piece about the influx of Amish and Mennonites into the Kentucky community where she lives.

Kentucky Plain People

In Christian County live not only Amish but Old Order Mennonites, who also travel by horse-and-buggy and share many similarities with the Amish.

It seems a wide variety of other Mennonite designations are active in the area as well.

Genevieve says that at first the Anabaptist groups were not welcomed with open arms.  Some locals used vandalism and unfriendly literature to show their displeasure.

Apparently over the past two decades, the area has adapted fairly well to the presence of these unusual peoples.  Genevieve says damage to roads caused by horseshoes and steel tractor wheels has been a problem for some, however (a not uncommon complaint in Amish-inhabited areas).

I’d expect similar experiences to play out in communities across the country as the Amish branch out in coming years.

New Amish settlements are started every year, and some inevitably fail.  In fact, over 150 communities started since 1860 subsequently went bust, according to Amish historian David Luthy’s excellent works on extinct settlements.

Some may last decades before disintegrating, while others may not even make it a full year.

But many survive and even thrive, as seems to be the case in this area of Kentucky.

Thanks Genevieve for the response!

Read more on the largest Kentucky Amish settlement, near the towns of Munfordville and Horse Cave. Amish have also started numerous businesses in the Bluegrass State, including woodworking shops. Find out more here: Amish Furniture-Kentucky.

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    1. Daniel Farnstrom

      Seeking bishop addresses for Marion, ky. Seem beset by evil since internet nonsense and feel trapped as a man with no way out. Wish to give it all up and learn and live a simple life but now broke with no credit, bad credit, etc. Would sincerely love to speak or write someone who would be willing to hear my pleas to just get away from it all. Want to learn self-sufficiency and to help a community as opposed to being reliant upon the system. Sincerely seeking this kind of life. Bless.

      1. Dee Tailor

        In search of the plain life

        I am1995 A friend found a mennonite community in TX. I visited and went to a week of meetings…..1996.. THEY helped me & my 3 children, move to the “community”…..during the next 2 years, I learned a lot!! my young son wore a red T-shirt to school( a net)My younger daughter wore socks to school that weren’t long enough(trouble again)They would not help me to stay home and do something,so I would be there for my children,NO way..I worked and THEY took “care” of my son was molested by an older boy and when I told THEM, he was called a son was ABUSED by being hit HARD with a thick board..I was made to watch this “deacon” beat my son..THEY controlled my check book and took my life away from me..simple,plain,loving..NOT..June 1998..My 19 year old daughter DIED..THEY decided her was a fact. How could she be anywhere else?? THEY were wrong, I left with 3 very confused and angry children..that was the beginning of my search, then I and my children moved to MO..that is another story..then to PA..that is where in 2009..I set myself and my children..FREE..they still have many battle scars and are looking for the TRUTH..I have shaken off the heavy bands..I know the TRUTH and it has set me free..He was there all the time..Jesus Christ and Him crucified on an old rugged cross..for me , he died. He found me and I will Praise Him all my days..that is the simple gospel,but POWERFUL..but, still plain and simple..all things are NOT as they appear to be…..but ,now free..Thank you Jesus!!

        1. Sonya

          Dee Tailor

          I believe that you have had a difficult time. With the Lord’s help this can be overcome. I wish you would try sending for literature to the address below. I believe you would find a lot of answers there. These things you talked about are not from the Lord. I know of a true way and one that does not condone such behavior. Also this way will lead you and your family to peace in God and then a home in Heaven when this life is over.

          Gospel Tract and Bible Society
          P.O. box 700
          Moundridge Ks 67107


    2. Shoshana

      I do not have information on Marion, KY, but here is an Amish ministry that may be of some help to you:

      Still Waters Ministries
      270 Antioch Rd.
      Clarkson, KY 42726

      They publish a devotional booklet used by many Amish and conservative Mennonites. May the Lord bless you and guide you in your search! Psalm 27




      1. Deborah, Al in KY is the go-to person for KY and I’d go with his suggestions below. I’ll just add as to Guthrie, it’s a much smaller community than Munfordville and based on my (albeit brief) visit you’ll be more likely to see Amish driving around in big tractors than on the road in buggies. I didn’t have the chance to properly visit businesses in Guthrie though I suspect they have a few. I think if you’re looking for a more traditional Amish community to visit, then Munfordville will be a better choice, but Guthrie might provide an interesting contrast if you’re going to go to more than one. They are also one of the few Amish groups which permit public electricity in the home, so they’re on the more modern edge of the Amish.

    4. Al in Ky

      Deborah — Here are suggestions for Amish businesses to visit in the Munfordville, Ky. settlement (even though some have addresses other than Munfordville, they are located in that settlement).

      1. R & S Grocery and Bakery (Large grocery with bulk food, bent and dent,
      235 Irvin Cemetery Road bakery and deli)
      Horse Cave, Kentucky.
      Phone: 270-786-3005

      2. Abe’s Place (Amish Consignment Store)
      2915 Dixie Hwy.
      Munfordville, Ky
      Phone: 270-524-9603

      3. Anna’s Kitchen (jams and jellies)
      1985 Logsdon Valley Road
      Munfordville, Ky.
      Phone: 270-524-0820

      4. Detweiler’s (large variety store; has several buildings — sort
      of like an Amish mini-mall)
      12825 Priceville Road
      Cub Run, Ky.
      Phone: 270-524-7967

      I have included phone numbers. You may want to call ahead to get the
      days and hours they are open. I would suggest starting your visit at
      R & S Grocery and Abe’s (they aren’t far from each other). Ask store
      personnel for other Amish businesses to visit. Also ask at Detweiler’s
      about other Amish businesses. The community is very spread out — on
      both the east and west sides of Interstate 65. After you visit R &
      S on the east side of I-65, take Hwy 88 (Cub Run Hwy) to Anna’s and
      Detweiler’s. It is a beautiful drive (especially in spring and fall).
      You may see signs on Hwy. 88 for other Amish businesses. I don’t know
      of any Amish homes open for dinners or visits. R & S has very good sandwiches. Detweiler’s may also have sandwiches.

      Sorry I don’t have any suggestions about Guthrie area (haven’t been there for 20 years). Another suggestion for your visit would be to go to Scottsville,Ky, about 50-60 miles southeast of Munfordville. It is an Old Order Mennonite (horse and buggy) community. A very good store is Countryside Jam House (jams, pickles, maple syrup, etc.). They are located at 987 Perrytown Road, Scottsville. They may know of other interesting businesses in that area.

    5. Sandra Kay Holt

      Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

      Looking for the Lady that Sells Puppies in the Scottsville,Ky area. Please send me information to:Kay Holt/4495 Eller Ridge Road/Cookeville,TN 38506

    6. Looking for a builder

      I have a place close to Sand Gap in Kentucky. I’m trying to locate either an Amish or Mennonite builder who can build a deck and install a patio door for me. I’m having a hard time locating one because most of them folks don’t advertise. I would like recommendations , please.