Wayne County, Ohio

I am on the road in Holmes County, Ohio, so internet is touch and go, but I just found a little Burger King wi-fi.

This shot from this morning from Wayne County should give you a good idea of the wind and weather.  Lot of laundry out today.


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    1. Galen

      Don’t eat too many französisch frites.

    2. Kelly Smith

      The wind should dry everything quick! LOL

    3. Gina Robinson
    4. Lattice

      Whew! Hold on to your hat!

    5. Alice Aber


      It is very windy here in Central Illinois too. Like a windy day for drying on the line but sometimes it can get too windy and even the clothes pins won’t hang on to the clothes.

      Have fun and have a safe trip and if you head this way, please do let me know.

      Blessings, Alice

    6. Tom

      Just checking in from Maui and it is very windy here and in the 80s. Aloha Tom backroadstraveller.blogspot.com/

    7. Linda Lewis

      And no snow there!!!!

    8. Alice Mary


      I had the same thoughts as Alice A. and Linda L. The winds here in northeastern IL(45 mi. n/w of Chicago) are in the 50mph range (wind advisory thru 6 p.m. CST). But we had a lot of snow last week (previously, it looked like your photo, up until about 2 weeks ago).

      I used to hang my laundry, but wouldn’t do it in such high winds (losing battle, and lots of “re-dos”!) But just looking at that photo brings back memories of freshly laundered and line-dried sheets…ahhhh!

      Alice Mary

    9. Jean Junkin


      We live in the Keweenaw Peninsula of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I sure enjoy reading these postings every day. The one today of laundry billowing in the breeze reminds me of my mom. She used to hang all our clothes out. Can’t beat the smell of fresh sheets on the bed. Right now, we have 20 degrees, snowing hard and snowing sideways.

    10. George H.

      Could be worse, it’s not snowing!

    11. Jeff FRame

      Comment on wayne county

      Check around and see if any Amish farmers are missing their horses. Burger King using horsemeat in them burgers now.

    12. Andre Leveille

      Looks Like an Invention.

      Looks like someone put together an invention to get a house or barn to fly. High and Low flaps.

    13. Valerie

      Hi Erik,
      Hey you are in my stomping ground, almost (we’re in Medina County).
      How long will you be there?
      Nelson lives in Holmes area and you’d enjoy meeting each other, I do believe!
      Yes, our house feels like it’s going to blow off foundation!

    14. Juanita Cook

      Looks like when it is very windy here in Nebraska. I can remember hanging clothes in the wind like this when my kids were little and still living at home. They did dry very fast.

    15. Katie Troyer

      My Mom used to love sunny, windy wash days. I can just smell the fresh line dried towels laying on the table waiting to be folded. This brings back memories.

      1. Erin

        I remember loving to hang up the laundry on the line when I was a kid. A few years ago for Mother’s Day, my husband rigged up a pulley system from two trees. I could do it all from my deck! It broke in a wind storm, so I must put that on his Honey Do list!

    16. Slightly-handled-Order-man


      I’m in a community where we have a bit of a public transit system and yesterday the bus I was on was shaking from the force of the wind at that particular moment. The driver nearly lost her uniform hat standing outside the bus helping a physically challenged man on a scooter board the bus, I imaging her was feeling blown about too.

    17. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      self edit - Wind

      “I imaging he was feeling blown about too.”

    18. Sharon

      Wish I were there! I wear hats a lot and I am sure it would get blown off in that wind! Horse meat so far hasn’t been found in BK’s here in the states.

    19. Patty Tolliver

      Wayne county Ohio

      Here in southern California it is currently 42 degrees with an expected high of 64 degrees. I remember the days when my mother used to put our clothes on the line. It was difficult to hang them up and to take them down when the wind was blowing

    20. Erin

      I have only visited the Amish in MN and WI during the spring, summer, and fall. Our temps have been terribly cold lately, that it makes me wonder if they must dry their clothes indoors during the winter months? Perhaps in the kitchen near the oven? My in-laws don’t have a dryer by choice, and they love the moisture it puts in their home during the winter.

    21. nelson


      Are you in Wayne or Holmes County…. do not leave with calling me, please ,,,,we can meet at Wall house, and will buy you a good sanwich , coffee , and ice cream…..
      Nelson 330-275-5537

      1. Nelson I am sorry I missed you. I did not see this comment or the email message from Valerie until I had left Holmes for Belle Center. I hope we can do a raincheck on that one though when I am back up, you don’t even have to treat 🙂


      Erik, I love it when you visit HOlmes County! It’s fun to guess where you have visited. I know where the Burger King is, and I am fairly certain I know were that house is in the photo above. Not sure about where the Wall House is at that Nelson mentions. Please post more clues about where you went and who you visited. More photos too, please! Mary from Michigan

      1. Will do Mary, my visits this time were a mixture of old and a little new. I think this was my first time up when there was snow on the ground (snowed the first evening on arrival–Friday) though it thawed out pretty well on Sunday-Monday.