We’ve covered the Amish at Union Grove, North Carolina several times (recently in a post on my last visit in the fall of 2014).

In today’s video, Ida, host of Sweets and Beyond, takes us inside the Shiloh General Store, one of several Amish businesses in that small settlement (read more on Shiloh General store including address and hours).

Shiloh General Store is just what the name suggests–a variety business featuring foods, books, gifts, and more.

In the 13-minute video below (the first nine minutes or so cover Shiloh, the rest a different business) you get a good look at what you’ll find in this inviting little store.

If you want to get a sense of the things that Amish stores with a somewhat tourist orientation carry, then this is a good video to view.

Foods include canned goods, bulk items like dried fruits, cooking ingredients, cheddar cheese powder, and whipped topping, and baked goods like pies, breads, sourdough dinner rolls, donuts, and pecan sticky buns.

I recognize some favorite items I tend to pick up when I’m in Amish stores like this one (after all it’s hard not to leave without a couple jars of jam or other canned good).

You’ll also see a selection of cookbooks, including a produce cookbook, one compiled by a 17-year-old girl containing over 500 “heirloom family favorites”, and another called Bulk Food Tidbits, which sounds like a perfect fit for the Amish.

The books originate from communities such as Holmes County and Belle Center, Ohio (Union Grove is a New Order Amish community so would have ties with the New Order people in those two settlements).

The video also shows us a selection of quilts. Noting the price tag of $775 for the “Trip Around The World” quilt, our host remarks that the price “I think is cheap for all this work.” I would tend to agree.

Ida also stops in at Shiloh’s sandwich bar. I have been tempted twice by this place but have never given it a try. Looks like a solid sandwich for the price.

Has anyone else visited this store before–or one like it?

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