Inside Country Corner Bulk Foods – Mio, Michigan (12 Photos)

We learned about Mio, Michigan recently here as a part of the Michigan Circle Amish churches. Now in this photo set by Jim Halverson, a look inside an Amish bulk food store in the community – Country Corner Bulk Foods.

This is one of a number of Mio-area businesses. As you can see by the map here, there are quite a few Amish businesses in the area of Kittle Road. This community, founded over half a century ago in 1970, is currently four churches in size, with close to 600 Amish living here.  So it’s no surprise there are a wide range of businesses in the settlement.

A closer look at the description of this store, and some others.

This is one type of store I especially like to visit in Amish communities. Let’s check out what they have inside. In this first photo we see the snacks aisle with other goodies like cookies, honey and jams. Looks like a pretty standard setup and feel for an Amish foods store.

Down this aisle we’ve got a lot of what you’ll need for baking, plus candy.

A closer look down the aisle. Jake & Amos is a brand of canned goods commonly seen in Amish stores.

And here’s a sign drawing customers’ attention to the discount section in the back: “Valued Customer – Please note this is a discount grocery section. Some products may be past or close to the sell by date. We guaranteed the quality of our products. Replacement or refund with receipt. Thank you for shopping. -Country Corners Bulk Foods”

This store carries more than just foods. Burn and wound supplies in this section, including the famous B&W Ointment, an Amish-created product.

You’ve also got a health supplement section as well.

Here we have two types of Amish lighting visible in one shot. And in the other photos here, you’ll notice a third source of lighting – the wide skylights in the ceiling.

Before leaving, a glance at the offerings set outside the store. On this table we’ve got eggs and apple cider, and also a sign for plants.

Four dollars seems like a pretty reasonable price for a gallon of homemade cider. You leave your money in the container there. That would suggest that the eggs and cider are set out round-the-clock with payment on the honor system, as is common practice for these kinds of items, at roadside stands for instance.

All in all this is a store I wouldn’t drive past. The community itself has other interesting businesses. Looking at the list above, those include Sweet Success Sugarbush, featuring maple syrup products, and The Farmer’s Creamery, with a deli, sandwiches, and “100% grass-fed ice cream” (notice I concentrated on the food places 🙂 ).

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    1. Kim Warner

      Rev. Dr.

      I live in Michigan and not too far from Mio. I have shopped in this store several times. I like the store. There is also an Amish store in the McBain area as well that has a very good selection of food and other items.

      1. John

        Wow $4 a gallon for cider what a buy Herein central Ohio $7.50 gallon at Mennonite bulk store and $8 a gallon at local orchard.

      2. Fran Grimes

        Not sure why my comment isn’t being posted but this is a great store. I could spend an hour or so in there!

    2. Fran Grimes

      If I am ever in the area I will certain sure shop there!!! Amazing !!

    3. Fran Grimes

      A great store! I would love to shop there!!