Today, day 2 in Holmes County. Arriving Monday, in places it almost looked like fall already.  Apparently it has been pretty dry. It rained a bit yesterday though.

Lot of nice visits so far, including a stop at Marlene Miller‘s. Marlene is as warm in person as she comes across in her book.

Monster cookies and other treats came from this place:

Yoder Acres Amish Produce

Pumpkins are available already. You can get giant ones here for just 3 bucks apiece. Yoder Acres Produce at 5274 Fredericksburg Rd, Wooster, OH 44691. Other places too, no doubt.

We ate a Trash Can dinner yesterday. It tasted better than it sounds. One of Izabela’s favorite meals so far.

The most interesting quote came from a New Order Amish friend. Paraphrasing: “It would be easier to join the Amish than to become English”. I had him repeat to make sure I heard right.

How about another photo? Taken in Wayne County, post-rain:

Wayne County Ohio Rainbow


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