Dr. Holmes Morton, of the Clinic for Special Children located in Strasburg, PA is planning to open a new clinic in Pennsylvania’s second-largest Amish community, known as Big Valley.

three-color-buggiesThe modest Lancaster County medical center specializes in treating rare genetic diseases which disproportionately affect Amish and Mennonite communities. It garners wide support from the Plain community, seen financially in donations and auctions which help provide it funding.

The new clinic will be known as the Central Pennsylvania Clinic – A Medical Home For Special Children And Adults (update – this article previously described it as another branch of the Clinic for Special Children, which is not the case, though Dr. Morton is involved in both).

The Big Valley location will be more accessible for patients in Central and Western Pennsylvania. As Dr. Morton explained in 2014, this will not only make visits easier, but may help find new patients:

Morton said patients from central Pennsylvania – specifically Big Valley – are a significant percentage of the individuals served by the clinic. About 500 patients with 91 different disorders live within an hour and a half of this area.

“There are not only those children, but also a lot of undiagnosed cases in the community,” he said.

Dr. Morton already serves some patients at a small office, but the new clinic will have exam rooms and laboratory facilities. The new clinic is part of Morton’s plans over the next few years to establish clinics in other communities “throughout North America.”

There are other clinics in Amish areas which fulfill a similar mission, such as the DDC Clinic in Middlefield, Ohio, and the Community Health Clinic in Topeka, Indiana.

You can view a video about the Clinic and Dr. Morton below. As he notes in the video, “These children are seen as important to the culture and the community.”

Big Valley Clinic Auction

Reader Jerry recently attended an auction benefiting this new clinic in Big Valley, and shares some photos and comments below.

I’ve also included a list of this season’s Clinic for Special Children support auctions at the end. Of this season’s five auctions, there are still four which you can attend (3 in PA and 1 in Ohio).

Jerry writes:

Dr. Morton spoke at length about Special Needs Children and the new clinic to open in Belleville. He mentioned Vitamin D deficiency in Amish children and lead poisoning from hair braiding lead strands. I’ve never heard of that before.

This event was largely attended by Amish. All items were donated and nothing on consignment. Very friendly people and a good time out and about.

The quilts. Prices have rebounded and these all did well.








Air fresheners in a buggy! Really?


Listening to Dr. Morton.


The men (mostly beardless youth) were cooking the chicken.


Scooters only up here. The only bike I saw was the one I brought with me. That’s a shame because the terrain in the valley is bike friendly.


Clinic for Special Children Auction Schedule 2015

The Clinic website has this additional info: “all auctions begin with breakfast at 8:00AM and end when the last item is sold. Don’t forget your chicken BBQ!”

Union County – Saturday, June 6th
Buffalo Valley Produce Auction
22 Violet Road, Mifflinburg, PA 17844

Shippensburg – Saturday, June 27th
Shippensburg Auction Center
1120 Ritner Highway
Shippensburg, PA 17257

Shiloh, Ohio – Saturday, July 11th
Blooming Grove Produce Auction
1091 Free Road
Shiloh, OH 44878

Blair County – Saturday, September 12th
Morrison’s Cove Produce Auction
174 Windy Acres Lane
Roaring Spring, PA 16673

Lancaster County – Saturday, September 19th
Leola Produce Auction
135 Brethren Church Road
Leola, PA 17540

Amish-made cheese

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