It seems like every year around this time we get a video of Amish out having some winter fun.

We’ve previously seen Amish people skiing in Knox County, Ohio, and in Lowville, New York. There was also a clip of a buggy doing parking lot snow donuts.

This short video, shot by Tara Hayward after Christmas dinner, shows an Amishman in Morley, Michigan, getting ski-towed down the road by a buggy.

It looks like he’s clinging to a basic rope (if it were me, I’d try to get some kind of water-ski handle to hang onto, but this guy must be tough).

It was also interesting to see the second buggy riding behind the Amishman. Was that meant to protect the skiier somehow from drivers?

The other thing that you might notice here are the unusual slow-moving vehicle triangles on the buggies.

Rather than the standard orange triangle, you can see a triangle with thick silver tape borders, and a small orange reflector in the middle. This unusual insignia is also seen in Ashland County, Ohio.

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