Tennessee Amish Farmhouse Museum For Sale (10 Photos)

Something a little bit different today – not quite an Amish home, though it once was. While looking through Amish homes on Zillow, I came across this “Amish Heritage Farm Museum” for sale. This is in the Ethridge, Tennessee community. I recall driving past this place several times, though never stopped.

Ethridge is not the largest community in the grand scheme of things – but it is one of the largest in the South, and has its own tourist industry. Whoever owns the Amish Heritage Farm Museum appears to be in the process of exiting the tourist industry, or at least this part of it. Here’s the description from Zillow:

This 5-acre mini-farm is truly one of a kind. This property boasts a 4,362-square-foot country home with all the charm. Also included on these 5 lush acres are a total of 6 buildings. Ranging from a 1,730 sq. ft. venue/restaurant type building. 30×42 farm shop, 24×60 shed, 30×54 pole barn, and a 20×40 shed. From the unbelievable sunsets to the rich Amish heritage, you are sure to be impressed.

This I believe is the restaurant building, which is the most recognizable structure on the property.

I took this photo of the same building back around 2010, when it housed the “Amish Homestead Cafe”:

Amish Homestead Cafe Ethridge
Amish Homestead Cafe. Ethridge, Tennessee

Additionally, here’s how this business is described at Trip Advisor:

We’re Amish Heritage Welcome Center and Museum, and we’ve been an Amish museum and wagon tour service here in Ethridge, TN, since 2012. The Amish Heritage Farm Museum was one of the first Amish farms settled in Tennessee in 1944, when the Amish migrated from Ohio and Mississippi. It was a fully functioning Amish farm, until several years ago, when the family sold the farm and moved further out into the country.

Today, due to the generosity of a local Amish family, both the Amish House and Dawdi Haus have been restored back to their original state, complete with period furnishings and artifacts from the 1944 era. A replica one room Amish school house was also added to the grounds and has been set up to accurately depict a local Amish school house. Our guided, educational tours offer a rare glimpse into Amish culture, and their daily lives. We offer tours, museums, a hen house with animals and authentic buggy rides.

So I suppose a buyer could either continue in the vein of tourism and operate the business as before…or make it into an English-livable farm-style home.

When you look inside, it looks kind of like a plain Swartzentruber Amish home – but there are some giveaways that something is “off”. For one, in this photo of the kitchen, those look like plastic fruits and vegetables scattered about:

And I suspect the loaf in the oven is the kind that might break your teeth if you chomped down on it:

Other props include what look to be colonial-era spinning wheels:

I may be wrong but I don’t know of any Amish women who are spinning up their own yarn with one of these. This is something I’ve never seen even in a Swartzentruber home. But going by the Trip Advisor description of the museum, looks like it’s meant to be a historical representation.

Here we have an upstairs bedroom. Just three photos of the interior are included. Is that a chamber pot by the bed?

Another view of the home.

Old barn and further view of the five-acre property.

So how much does it cost to get into the Amish museum business?

This property is currently up for sale at $399,900 if you happen to be in the market for a historical museum and restaurant – or maybe for someone who’d just like to have a plain farmhouse. Listing agent: Hunter Webb of Southern Tennessee Realty.

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