This Amish home stands out to me for several reasons. First is its simple but somewhat unusual design. It is one story, but pretty large in size – 3,200 square feet. Amish homes tend to be two stories, but maybe this family is not fond of climbing stairs.

They decided to build their whole home on one floor. A nice broad front porch must make for some pleasant sitting in the evenings.

Next is the setting on a pond. We can see these photos were probably taken in autumn or wintertime. Fishing is something many Amish enjoy so I can see the draw there. Friends of mine in PA recently bought a new farm which is set on a similarly-sized pond. They will enjoy the swimming, water fowl and other pluses of living next to a sizeable natural body of water.

The third thing is the location in Tennessee. This is the community at McKenzie, a settlement in western end of the state. We’ve mentioned it on the site here before, as a settlement which contributed settlers to the Salem, Arkansas community. It’s a two-district community founded in 1998, making it the state’s third oldest. Going by the photos here it seems this community is more progressive than the state’s best-known Amish location, the Swartzentruber settlement at Ethridge, though I wouldn’t say it looks particularly fancy (for the Amish at least).

There aren’t a ton of photos from inside, and they’re a bit dark. But you get a view of some of the bedrooms (three in total). This home also has a bathroom.

Looks like someone just got up from a nap.

Over here someone is working on a quilt.

Main room. Spacious, as these main rooms in Amish homes tend to be.

This looks like some sort of an semi-open porch/utility space where the family can process fruits, veggie and other foods. I don’t recall seeing this sort of layout. It seems like the builder probably came up with his own creative design for this home.

View from that porch onto the pond.

The buggy.

Out back again, with a different view on the pond.

This photo gives a sense of the length of the home. Looks like the garage on the end there.

This home, on an 8-acre plot of land, last changed hands in 2018. Any guesses for how much?

It last sold for $113,000. Seems like a pretty pleasant place to call home.

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