This week’s Amish home comes from Wisconsin. It is a 3-bedroom and 1-bathroom home of about 1600 square feet, sitting on almost 3 acres of land. It last sold for just $45,000 in 2018. This is in Waushara County, in central WI.

This place is pleasant-ish inside, but I will not pretend that this is the most beautiful Amish home I’ve ever seen. You can see it is unfinished in places, and is an awkward fusion of more than one structure. But this gives you an idea of the variation in real estate prices – and wealth level – across Amish communities. On the other extreme, in Lancaster County I think $45,000 might get you a tool shed on a half-acre in one of the county’s back corners.

There’s not a lot of details on the listing so I’ve had to pull some info from other sources. I had a bit of trouble piecing it together, but it looks like the home is an odd combination of this older-looking grey home and the newer addition (visible in above photos but not below):

The newer part actually looks more like a workshop or garage. There is also this red barn as well as some other buildings:

A chicken log cabin coop?

You can see there is not much fancy about this home.The decor and some of the furniture has a dated appearance. For example in the kitchen:

This is not as plain a group as some we’ve been seeing lately, as they have plumbing, and use the SMV triangle on the buggy. Sections of the home interior resembles a mobile home, going by the wall materials and the low ceilings. Some Amish do live in mobile homes/trailers.

There are oil lamps and other Amish notes including the hickory rocker. Children’s bunk beds in the living room suggest this family really outgrew the place:

The stove appears a bit odd in this setting and sort of dominates the space of this low-ceilinged room:

Bedroom, or at least a piece of it:

A child’s room in what looks to be an attic space:


Looks like an enclosed porch.

Washing machine:

Back outside, the buggy shack and fishing boat:

Finally, a wide view of the property taking in both barn and home:

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