The Swartzentruber Amish are among the most tradition-minded Old Order peoples

The Swartzentruber Amish affiliation came about in Ohio in 1917.  Today Swartzentruber Amish are considered among the “lowest” of Amish affiliations.

Swartzentruber communities can be found in over a dozen states, though their population is highest in Holmes County, Ohio, where they live side-by-side with more progressive Amish.

Facts about the Swartzentruber Amish:

  • swartzentruber amish farm homeSwartzentruber Amish use only minimal technology.  Battery-powered flashlights are acceptable while electric lighting on buggies is not
  • There are actually 3 separate non-fellowshipping Swartzentruber groups.  These recent divisions came about due to internal conflict in the 1990s and again around the year 2000
  • Unlike most Amish, Swartzentruber Amish generally do not hire cars except in emergencies
  • Some Swartzentruber Amish fellowship with similarly conservative “Nebraska Amish”, aka “white-toppers”
  • Swartzentruber Amish generally earn a lower income than higher-order Amish, which can affect everything from lifestyle to health care to diet

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