New Wilmington Amish auction

Photo man and in-the-field auction expert Rick Harrison shares his latest batch of pictures from the New Wilmington Amish auction, which took place June 6th.  This was the 20th annual benefit auction and turnout was sizable.  Rick estimated over 125 buggies on the lot.

New Wilmington Amish auction buggies
Auctions are popular among Amish.  Lancaster County holds a medical benefit auction each year to support the work of Holmes Morton at The Clinic for Special Children.  Haiti sales occur in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Illinois to benefit the impoverished island nation.  Amish schools often hold small auctions to help raise operating funds.  And then there are the famous mud sales.

New Wilmington Pennsylvania Amish auction
Rick reports that pipes are popular in this community, and true to form, “at least 95% of the men wore light blue shirts.”

Also, Rick says that “unlike Lancaster, there were no cornerball, volleyball, or football games.”  New Wilmington is one of the more conservative Amish communities, which in practice can mean more tobacco and less sports.

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