Holmes County, Ohio is one of my favorite Amish communities to visit, in part due to the diversity of groups. There are four main Amish tribes here; adding up the sub-groups and spin-off affiliations you get more than double that.

A short list of differences you’ll find among Holmes County Amish:

Holmes County Amish DifferencesSilent vs. spoken prayer

Peeling paint vs. pristine walls

Rubber vs. metal rims

Singing groups vs. beer parties

The 30-person firm vs. the one-man/woman cottage business

Assurance of salvation vs. a living hope

Suspenders vs. “magic pants” (no suspension needed?)

A phone in the home vs. the shanty vs. in the pocket

Holmes County vividly illustrates the fact that there are many ways to be Amish.  You could add a lot more to this list.


Amish-made cheese

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