Swartzentruber Amish homes are among the very plainest. They tend to fetch lower prices when put on the market, in part due to their lack of basic amenities including not just electricity but bathrooms and plumbing.

This Swartzentruber home was last listed at $130,000 in spring 2019, though the Zillow listing now has its “Zestimate” of the property at $80,188. Not sure why there is such a large difference there, though it might have to do with how Zillow calculates their numbers.

One factor improving the potential price of this home would be modifications that have already been made for sale to a potential English buyer: “New plumbing and electrical has been installed throughout this Amish style home.”

I find this interesting as the Amish seller has essentially ruled out selling it to someone within his community. Doing the upgrades basically commits you to selling to an English buyer. I suppose you could still sell to a fellow Amish person, but that would mean you’d wasted the cash for the enhancements.

That suggests this might be a person who has left the church, and perhaps would not be selling to someone in good standing with the church for this reason (following the stricture of not doing business with an excommunicated member). That is just speculation.

This is Dekalb Junction, New York by the way, in the large Swartzentruber settlement in St. Lawrence County (Heuvelton area). It’s 5 bedrooms, 1 bath, and 2700 square feet, on 40 acres.

More details on the home, which, by the way – comes with an extra house:

The 5 bedroom house was Amish built in 2005 and has red oak floors, a large country kitchen, living room, mud/washroom and 2 covered porches. The property is fully fenced ready for cows, horses, or other livestock. The barn consists of a large hayloft and multiple box stalls. Multiple springs are located on the property. There is an extra house that is currently being used for storage but could make a second family home. The barn (73 x 56) has plenty of hay storage, 2 box stalls, silo, tie stalls and a new addition. There is also a 2 story detached garage that has a built in workshop.

I wish there were photos showing the English-friendly upgrades that have been made, but looking inside the home, I don’t see any signs of them. Maybe I am missing something, or maybe these photos were taken prior to the changes. In any case what we do have are some photos of a pleasant and classic Swartzentruber home interior.

Let’s check out the kitchen:

Very neat. Much of the woodwork in this and other Swartzentruber homes is painted in tones of blue:

A look in the pantry:

Hummingbird feeder outside the window.

The basement has a nice array of canned goods:

Back outside we can see the barn and possibly the building they refer to as a two-story detached garage with workshop:

And one last look at the home:

Really a pleasant looking place. How would you like to live in a traditional Swartzentruber Amish-style home like this, provided it had electricty and plumbing installed?

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