Returning to the Inside Amish Homes series, let’s have a look inside a very plain Amish home (and a little bit unfinished, at least on the outside).

This one is in Fultonville, New York and it generally has the look of a Swartzentruber home…but some details don’t seem quite right (the floor and a few other items in the home as I’ll show below).

There are no bathrooms in this home, which is a sort of dividing line between the plainest Amish homes and those that veer closer to English country homes.

Here’s the extensive description of this seven-bedroom home & property via Zillow:

There are about 98 acres here, of which up to 62 can be cropped and another 12 pastured. The remainder, 25 is wooded. Streams flow through that area. There are 2 farm ponds as well as 3 dug wells and a 225′ drilled well (no pump running on this) – plenty of good water. It has over 2000′ of road frontage and another 1450′ on an abandoned road. The home is 3 years old and the main barns just a bit older. All are exceptionally well- built.

The home sits just behind a small stand of sugar maple and large white pines, and has 2304 ft2 of living apace, with a full attic and a 4 room dry basement. Real hardwood floors are throughout. It looks nice.

Downstairs is an open floor plan with large common rooms, K-DR, living room, foyer, and a pantry plus woodshed and master bedroom. There is also the “bake room” used occasionally for large-scale baking.

Above are 7 bedrooms. In the front is a broad porch. The dairy barn has a series of 4 large pens, a milkhouse and a 12 stall parlor for dairy goats.It is 38×80″ and has a large drive-in loft. The horse barn is 38×64′, with a partial loft, 7 box stalls, 1 single and3 double stalls, plus tack room & watering and grooming area. These buildings are outstanding and anyone should be proud to own them. In addition is a 12×20′ shed used to house buggies, which could be used for small machinery, 2 ice houses, a 12×20′ chicken coop and a 2 story shop, ~30×44′. The price was just drastically lowered to $392500 and taxes are around $4750.

Adjoining it is a 14 acre property, with home and barn that will be offered for sale at a reasonable figure, giving you the chance for a family compound or housing for your help.

A word on Old Order Amish homesteads. Their religion does not permit Sunday showings. Please take this into account. Also, there is no electricity, even though it runs right by. No bathrooms, septic, central heat or modern kitchens. The home is being comfortably lived in but the siding has not been installed over the Tyvek wrap. Also much of the trim is unfinished. Nevertheless, it presents a very welcoming appearance, both inside and out..

Let’s do this backwards and start outside with a look at the buggies parked outside – you can see the open fronts and lanterns. There are some strips of reflective tape around the edges of the buggy frame. Can’t see the back to see what kind of material it might have on it.

Inside the barn.

And a collection of goats. I don’t believe I’ve seen goats in stalls like this before. They’re usually  a bit more out and about. Looks like that’s where they’d prefer to be, at least at the moment.

Now a view of the home. The exterior is unfinished as you can see.

Now looking inside. The stove, rockers, and plain furnishings feel very Swartzentruber. But on the other hand, the floor appears varnished to me (caveat: I’m no expert in wood floor coatings). It has a much glossier and fresh look to it than floors in most other Swartzentruber homes I’ve seen.

While the overall look fits, a couple of the chairs here also don’t feel too “Swartzentruber”.

For comparison here are a couple of floors in Swartzentruber homes. This group coats their floors in linseed oil. Look how dull it appears in comparison:


Another thing that caught my eye is this exercise equipment. I’ve certainly seen it often enough in Amish homes before, but can’t recall ever seeing it in Swartzentruber homes.

One other thing, a pretty comfy looking chair. This home also has some pretty nice-looking clocks.

So those are the main things that stood out to me. This might be another very plain group. I thought about Troyer Amish. They are known to have unvarnished hardwood flooring, however.

Back to the home, an abundance of colorful quilts in these bedrooms.

Except for this one. Walls also not finished in these rooms.

A good store of canned goods will keep this family well-fed through the winter months.

Even though this home is not quite finished, it still feels very cozy. And, it sits on a lot of land. I don’t think the canned goods come with the property, but if they did that would be quite a sweetener. I find myself craving canned peaches on looking at the above photo.

So, what’s the price on this seven-bedroom, zero-bathroom home on a 98-acre property?

At the time of posting, this seven-bedroom home on around 98 acres is listed at $392,500. The listing agent is Roland Vinyard of Vinyards Choice.

Amish-made cheese

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