I hadn’t heard the term “baby farm” before coming across it in this listing, and I’m not sure if the Amish would use it themselves (I doubt it). But that’s how this home, one of the seven Hillsboro, KY Amish homes for sale, is described.

It looks like “baby farm” might just refer to its size – on a 21-acre parcel of land, it’s not typical dairy farm size, but it’s a lot more than a few country acres.

The property has a barn and a woodworking shop.

This one strikes me as the most scenic of the seven.


By the way, we do have a partial answer to the mystery of why all these homes are being sold.

It turns out the owners are not starting a new settlement together, but likely moving to one of several communities, in Ohio, Kentucky, or New York. That’s according to the Amish correspondence publication The Diary.

Inside, the kitchen.  Looks inviting.


The bedrooms. You can see a couple of them are just semi-finished. This place has six bedrooms in total.

Down in the basement. Lot of jars ready to be re-filled.

I’m not sure if this counts as one of the six bedrooms.

What is that stove in the center for?

Looks like they might sell some products down here too. See the array of what looks like small dark bottles on the shelves. Maybe something medicinal.

Back upstairs, the living room.

Closer views of the lighting and stove.

This looks like a a room for sewing and related work. And some toys to keep little ones occupied.

You can see the edge of a sink in this photo. Like the others in this community, no bathrooms in this home from the plainer side of Amish society.

View from the lane.


This place is listed for $175,000. It has a pending offer, so looks like it might be off the market soon.

I’m not surprised if it’s found interest from someone who doesn’t mind installing plumbing and electric. Looks like a really nice place to live.

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