Lancaster Amish Country In Spring (23 Photos)

I just spent a week in Lancaster County, and enjoyed some wonderful spring weather. It’s been a little while since I visited at this time of year. With the flowering trees at peak-level, or near it, it’s truly beautiful right now.

I wanted to share a grab bag of photos from my visit with you today. First off, mamma and foal.

I came a little too close to the fence here, I suppose.

Roadside Creeping Phlox for $4.00. If I didn’t know the context…then I might find that name frightening. Sounds like a monster. Look out, phlox creeping up on you. As you can see, it’s decidedly more benign.

Assorted baked goods for sale at an Amish stand, by Spooky Nook Bakery.

Rhubarb for sale at the same stand. I had rhubarb and tapioca pudding for the first time while attending a work frolic lunch Saturday. Weird-looking dessert, and quite tasty.

Nifty egg sorter for a large-ish Amish chicken operation.

Aggressive wild turkey. His owner says that he is more aggro than usual at this time of year.

This fellow is supposed to stay out at the barn, and away from the bird feeders.

Some unknown person decided to “improve” this workroom donut, the last in the box. I may or may not know the identity of said person. Yes, that’s barbeque sauce.

The gelt bus. This is essentially a mobile bank which serves Amish and other customers who’d find it more challenging to come in to a possibly distant bricks-and-mortar branch. It parks at various locations around the county.

Ben Riehl’s sister Liz Beiler on stage with Steven Nolt of the Young Center at Willow Valley. Steve and Liz did a Q-and-A on Amish schools. As a former teacher, Liz offered some great insights and funny anecdotes.

E-scooter in action. This is something not every church permits. Or as it’s been said – a “gray area…nearly black.”

Scrapple…could it be the breakfast of champions? It is one of the best mystery meats.

Gas mantle light. These are becoming less common in Lancaster County. For part of my visit, I stayed with some of my more conservative Amish friends. Speaking with one of them, she recalled when using teardrop oil lamps was more common, but that even they used them less often.

What’s replacing/replaced these, and other fossil fuel-based lighting? Largely the powerful, brighter and non-fire-hazardous battery-powered lights.

Buggy leaving the gas station.

There was one gloomy day during my stay.

This coffee price explanation at a Mennonite roadside market caught my eye. At least they take the time to explain why everything’s getting more expensive.

Mud sale views. This was the Schoeneck Fire Company sale, which took place Saturday. Very breezy/windy conditions, not muddy at all. Great day for a sale. Full mud sale schedule here.

That’s it for now. Later this week I’ll share more photos from this mud sale.

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    1. john

      electric lights

      You have mentioned several times that they have battery operated lights. How do most of them recharge the batteries is it via a solar or gas/diesel operated electric generator?

      1. Erik Wesner

        They would use both, and I would say the trend is moving more towards solar, but I don’t know the percentages.

        1. Bert


          hi erik its bert from va and wisconsin ive noticed of lighting fixtures there in wi also from my bosses parents propane lamps in the winter to the battery ones in the summer i find they use the propane more in winter since the fixtures throw off a good deal of heat also but my boss uses mostly battery powered lights for his home

    2. Nice

      Erik, thanks for sharing the photos. Very nice.

      1. Erik Wesner

        Gladly! These posts are always fun to do.

    3. Love this

      Absolutely LOVE this post. Love both the pictures & the captions. So glad I signed up for this……

      1. Erik Wesner

        Welcome Phyllis! I’m happy you liked it, yea I tend to have some fun with the captions.