This is another installment in the 10 views series, featuring photos from my recent visit to the Holmes County, Ohio Amish community.   I’ve included a few comments and links to relevant posts that you might enjoy.

Sugarcreek Amish
Sugarcreek is technically in Tuscarawas County.  It’s often the first little town visitors to the area pass through.  Many of the buildings in Sugarcreek’s “Swiss Village” downtown area are meant to evoke Swiss-style chalets.  Read more on the pluses and minuses of Amish tourism.

Amish Home Lake Ohio

Bicycling Amish Man

Two-wheeled travel.  On Amish bicycle use.

Destroyed Buggy Ohio

Not sure what happened to this buggy, though it doesn’t look pretty.

Buggy Barn Ohio

Volleyball Amish School

Game time.  On Amish & sports.

Buggy Gathering Ohio

A gathering of some sort.  Possibly a viewing?  More on Amish funeral practices.

Amish Rustic Rockers

Outside Sol’s Exchange in Berlin.  Amish-made outdoor furniture.

Boyd Wurthmann Restaurant Berlin Ohio
Fill up your tank.  Boyd and Wurthmann is popular with locals and visitors.  Can be hard to find a seat.  What’s your favorite Amish restaurant?

Windmill Field Ohio

For more photos, try the original Holmes County 10 views post or all posts in the series.

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