Inside A Small-But-Spacious Amish Home (22 Photos)

I’m a little puzzled by this home. It’s listed as having five bedrooms. But we don’t see any of them in the photos provided. We do see, however, other rooms, which are quite airy and spacious.

This one is from the collection of 7 Kentucky homes for sale, which we’ve been looking at the past several weeks. It reflects the area’s hilly terrain, built as it is on a hillside.

That, plus the large wraparound deck, give this home a very open feel. The first view provided in the Zillow listing, however, does not look especially “Amish”:

This is the second smallest home of the bunch, at just 1,152 square feet (the smallest has just 768 square feet). So what puzzled me, is given the size of the rooms we are able to see, it’s hard to imagine five more bedrooms within this square footage. They must be quite small.

Here’s a look at the main room.

Check out this stove generating heat to fill this large area.

Kettle resting on top.

In the kitchen we find another stove for cooking.

Closer look.

Not a huge dining table at first look. Perhaps it is expandable.

Pantry room.

Stairs going up, presumably to the bedrooms. No bathrooms in this place, like the other homes in this plain settlement.

Like the last home, this has some unfinished parts. This is presumably some sort of utility room. You can see the edge of a washer on the left, and what looks like another stove.

Outside on the deck. Looks like a great place to catch some sun. Nice view they have too.

Looking closer we can see wind chimes, a bird feeder, baby swing, and those colorful spinny things.

Nice swing. Looks like someone was enjoying a drink.

Another view, from around the corner.

This looks like an accessibility ramp out front.

This appears to be some sort of storage shed. A little upturned boat on the side there, and, I think I see a buggy wheel. Not the missing electric meter in the box. This was originally English-built. I am also a little puzzled by the windowed doors. I would guess they were added later, maybe by this Amish family.

Here’s a shot from distance showing how the home is situated.

You can see it looks like this home had an original structure, and later got an addition.

Another view, with buggies just visible.

What’s your guess on the price of this home? The lot is 3 acres, by the way.

It’s on the market for $87,000. This one has been listed on Zillow for a little over a year now, which may reflect the difficulty of selling an Amish home without conventional plumbing and bathrooms in an English market. That noted, I quite like this home.

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    1. Terry from Wisconsin


      We just talked about the “unfuinished” status of a home when the wood trim isn’t on. I’d think if that’s all you have left to do then…get er done!

      Just sayin…

      1. But some can treat that basically like a tax loophole for a year, correct?

        1. Terry from Wisconsin


          My cousin the assessor gave them a year and that was it. It’d be interesting to know what other assessors do re: the “unfinished” status.

    2. Alice G

      What do Amish who don’t use conventional plumbing do if they buy a home with it already installed? I’m assuming this one had it when it was originally built since it was wired as well.

      1. Indoor plumbing

        Re: indoor plumbing…A couple buying a house with indoor plumbing or electricity wiring, is usually given some time to remove it. In some cases, up to a year.

        1. I’ve been in at least one or two Amish homes that were in this transition period as far as electricity (the one had a regular phone line in as well if I recall), but haven’t seen it with plumbing, though I would think Janice is correct. It always struck me as interesting that you could basically live “semi-English” for 6 months or a year by buying an English home.

    3. Terry from Wisconsin

      Who's this guy in the video?

      Watch and find out who the mystery man is!

      PS: The voice caught me by surprise! Ha!

      Make it a good day, as Maudie says in the Budget


    4. J.O.B.


      I like this home.

      Just have to find one just like it in PA.

    5. Andy

      Awesome Prize

      Why has this house been on the market for over a year? It’s a real Carpenter’s gem with a little creativity and re-installed plumming. If things go wrong then not much is lost. I’m not a fav for houses on stilts. If things get done, then the Carpenter has a huge English house. The view must be incredible from that wrap around porch.