This latest Amish home for sale has a very simple listing. The community is New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, and the listing description at Zillow is just two lines long:

Amish farm with 2 greenhouses and 1312 SF barn, 3 hydrants. No plumbing, electric, or sewer!

The New Wilmington community is on the plainer side of things, as the no plumbing/sewer detail suggests. We previously looked at another home in this settlement, but it was one that was originally built “English” and later converted for Amish use. That one looks downright fancy by comparison, though it’s the same plain community. This farm home, on the other hand looks to have been built by Amish.

The interior photos are pretty meager too, but let’s have a look. Inside, the home has a rough and a plain appearance, and we can see that off the bat by starting with a look at the basement.

Some Amish basements are pleasant, even cozy, to spend time in. This is not one of them. Contrast that with this basement from another Amish home in PA, this one in Lykens Valley (in a much more progressive community):

The above is not a critique by the way. Some Amish homes are just plainer than others and that’s the way they do it. They just don’t make their basements into secondary living spaces.

Upstairs we can see the living room with a small corner heating stove. Cozier up here, don’t you think.

And kitchen. This toothpaste-y wall color – is it aquamarine? No sign of a refrigerator or running water in this plain Amish home. Remnants of breakfast on the table, and what looks like a caulk tube. Someone was doing a bit of fixer-upping, maybe.

Some bedrooms. First this adult bedroom, in violet and dark blue. Photo looks like it has a filter on it, but the filter effect looks to be natural from those translucent curtains.

Children’s room.

And what looks like a play area. Rough painted wood flooring in this room.

Back outside, we see more of the property, including the two greenhouses.

This canoe probably comes in handy for fishing trips.

A view of the garden and another of the property from the road.

This home is said to have six bedrooms, zero bathrooms, is 1,809 square feet in size, and the lot is 5.6 acres. The price?

It’s currently listed at $175,000 by Keller Williams Realty.

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