A 122-Acre Amish Farm For Sale (16 Photos)

After last week’s 40-acre Wisconsin farm, this week, another Amish farm that is still on the market. This one lies in Cattaraugus County, New York, home of three Amish communities, including one of the largest in the state. This appears to be Conewango Valley, home to around 2,500 Amish. One thing is for certain, they have a beautiful property here:

The listing at realtor.com has over 50 photos. They were taken on a stunning summer day. Most are from the outside of the property, but we also see quite a few from the inside.

There are four bedrooms and two bathrooms in this place.

Stepping inside the home. A cozy interior.

We see a pretty plain kitchen. This would be a Troyer Amish community. Notice there’s no conventional sink.


Just one room that doesn’t quite fit. I’ve never seen a room like this in an Amish home before. You can tell this was not originally built as an Amish home.

Back outside. What views this place has. I could handle that.

Is this a hunting stand?

Oh yea, and they have a pond.

The price for all this?

$339,900. It looks like a sale is “pending”, so sounds like someone is interested and has started the buy process. Of interest, they offer video tours of the home, I suppose because of covid. Anyway, what a nice corner of the country.

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    1. Geo


      Who doesn’t love all the gorgeous natural wood. The big heater appears fed into a blocked off masonry fireplace which suggests it was originally built as an English home.

    2. Shari Davenport

      I just visited the real estate listing site, which declares the home is no longer available on the market, but still shows the original 50 listing photos. The original information regarding the home sale which took place in 2020, says –

      “Property Overview – 9527 New Albion Rd, Cattaraugus, NY 14719 is a single family home built in 1900. This property was last sold for $320,000 in 2020 and currently has an estimated value of $199,400.

      According to the Cattaraugus public records, the property at 9527 New Albion Rd, Cattaraugus, NY 14719 has approximately 2,246 square feet, 4 beds and 2 baths with a lot size of 122.79 acres.”

      There’s also a small square text block declaring this property is 94.73% MORE expensive than the properties in the surrounding area!?

      SO, in light of the sale price in 2020 of $320,000, the home’s value has SUNK in one year, by -$120,000??

      Definitely LOTS of photos of the building exteriors, of the grounds, and some of those are buildings besides the house, but only a total of FIVE photos of inside the house. Lots of signs of prior ownership by “the English.” Those very “midcentury modern” style ceiling light fixtures, a wall plug in(?) and a safety/nightlight device on the half-wall about hand level of the staircase, and that very unique bedroom with the bright red and blue paint scheme. (Can you say “rumspringa” anybody?) No photos of any bathroom, but there’s supposed to be two, which says to me it wouldn’t have made a good impression on a potential buyer.

      Great photos of the outside, especially what must be drone photos of the larger views of the land!