Today a closer look at another of the seven Amish homes for sale in Fleming County, Kentucky. This little Amish starter is by far the smallest of the bunch, at just two bedrooms and 768 square feet. It actually looks more like a small shop from this angle which I shared in the original post.

Here’s a different angle that gives you a better look at this home’s design. A nice little back balcony over the entrance to the basement.

And a side view.

Looking inside, we don’t have so many photos compared to other homes, which only makes sense. This place looks like it has maybe 3 or 4 rooms total, including the bedrooms and kitchen.

Going by appearance and size, this is probably a young couple’s home. What appears to be a scrawled-upon chalkboard in the photo below supports that idea. There is probably at least one little one running around this place.

You can see space is tight here. The bed takes up practically the whole bedroom.

Nice little collection of plants. Is that aloe I see? A strip of orange-colored fly tape hangs from the ceiling, not uncommon in Amish homes.

And a quilt in frame takes up basically the whole kitchen.

You can see the flat counter areas where food is prepared, and a pleasant array of kitchenware.

Did you notice this little sink? The listing tells us that this home has “county water and septic system installed.” No bathroom in this place though, like others in this community.

The second bedroom. Not the clearest photo.

Here’s what appears to be the basement space. It seems to just be accessible from outside, as I don’t see any stairs inside the home.

Back outside, a simple horse barn. And a junior-sized swing.

Back view of the property?

This view downhill seems to show a garden area, waiting to be planted.

Coming down the lane.

It’s small, but I like the layout of this home and property (of course, ignoring the lack of a bathroom, as is the standard in this plain settlement).

It has been listed for 80 days. The home sits on a three-acre lot. What would you guess the price to be?

According to the listing, the sellers would like $52,500. Not bad for a little Amish starter home.

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