Inside A Small (1,028-Square-Foot) Amish Home (24 Photos)

This is one of the smallest Amish homes we’ve looked at (but not the smallest).  The floor space is actually just a hair above 1K, at 1,028 square feet. What we most likely have here is a classic case: growing Amish family needs more room.

This home is in Hancock, Wisconsin (Waushara County), home to an Amish community which has been around since the early 1980s.

Here’s our home description via Zillow:

A cozy home filled with beautiful woodwork and so versatile for an Amish family or a family who would like modern utilities. The open concept is perfect for family interaction. It’s hard not to notice the beautiful wood around the doorways in the kitchen (hand sanded and burned to bring out the wood grain).

I don’t quite understand this part, which looks like it has at least one or two typos:

The addition of a brand new kitchen is the only room without electricity readily available, however, it was designed to a electrical if needed. This property is also set up for fiber optics!


There is running water, a functioning bathroom and many windows to see the farmer’s fields and woods surrounding the property. The upper level has a large closet, and just needs a little TLC. It is roomy and has wonderful views of the fields on both sides of the home.

Property and buildings:

New metal buildings allow the owners to do everything from raising chickens and keeping horses to having a roomy garage for your vehicles and perhaps a workshop. The barn has good bones and just needs some new siding. This is a beautiful area, quiet, with wonderful neighbors and lots of privacy. This property won’t last long!


Some nice photos of a cozy kitchen here. The stove feels like it takes up a good portion of the space.

Kitchen table suggest this is a smallish family, which is about what you’d expect based on the home size. However that might be a name chart on the wall there, which suggests a bit larger family than I’d guess at first. And hence the need for a larger abode.

Another view of the stove with a look into the living room.


First the parents’ bedroom. As is typical, it is on the ground floor, and we see the near-ubiquitous crib for young Amish families.

And this is the upstairs bedroom. Rare sighting of an American flag in an Amish home.

I wouldn’t want to pop my head up too quickly in the middle of the night sleeping there, but I generally like these cozy attic style bedroom spaces.

And the stairs coming down or going up, whichever you prefer. Looks like a heating radiator on the wall there.

Living room

Here’s a look at the living area next to the kitchen. A good view of the gas lighting built into this home. Also I think we caught someone having a little nap.

A view back into the kitchen. I like the rustic doorway beams, mentioned in the description. Has a cheery feel to it.

This is a cozy living area with nice windows letting in a lot of light.

Other rooms

Some of the other spaces in the home, starting with the mud room. You see the built-in gas lighting is installed throughout the home.

An entryway with muck boots. There are more boots there than I’d expect from a home of such small size. I see about 11 pairs visible! Of course, a person can have more than one pair.

Pantry area with a refrigerator.

And basement. It’s what I call an “unimproved” basement, with a pretty rough appearance. Still, it no doubt does a good job keeping canned foods and other things cool.

Other buildings

Some of the other buildings on the property. Buggy barn here.

And a more classic red barn. Beautiful photo.

A look at the property. The lot size is a shade under three acres. So not huge, but not too shabby.

So what is the price for this property?

This small but cozy Wisconsin Amish property is currently on the market for $250,000, repped by Betsy Wandtke of North Central Real Estate Brokerage.

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    1. robert van horn

      i see a happy family lives in the home and 3 acre property; livable and managable. thanks for sharing. !!!!!

      1. Erik Wesner

        Gladly! Neat little home.

    2. Terry from Wisconsin

      Not to far...

      Hi Erik, Hancock is about and hours drive from us! So, when you come for B&B we’ll check the settlement out! 🙂
      Keep the Faith †
      Terry in Wisc

    3. What/where

      Am I missing something here? 90% of this article has information – supposedly with attached pictures – yet the picture area’s – are totally blank. Few pictures – (here & there) but not matching what is written.