Plain Amish Home For Sale: 41 Acres + Pond (13 Photos)

Here’s the third Amish home in a row that happens to be up for sale. So if you’re in the market for a plain Amish home, here’s your chance 🙂 Well, of course location matters at least a bit. So where is this place? The home is located in Angelica, New York (Allegany County) in the western end of the state, around 90 minutes’ drive from Buffalo.

On first look it appears to be a Swartzentruber Amish home, though according to the listing it has two full baths. It’s possible it’s another plain group (Swartzentruber Amish homes don’t have conventional bathrooms). Or, whoever prepared it for sale has installed two bathrooms. You can see by the photo above that it looks like this home was assembled in three parts over the years.

The 2020 Amish settlement list tells me that there is a community of two churches around Angelica, and in Allegany County itself, there are four separate settlements. Here’s the property description from Zillow:

Home and workshop on 41 acres with pond and amazing valley views! This home includes 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, spacious kitchen area, dining and living room are open spaces, office area and a large mud room/laundry room. Upstairs are the 3 bedrooms with one of the full bathrooms. This is a former Amish property. There is a newly built workshop that was previously a fabricating business. The shop has concrete floors throughout, several windows for lots of natural light, and a loading dock. The property includes another outbuilding that could be used for storage or for horses or cattle. There is a nice garden area, a 1+ acre fenced-in pasture, and a large crystal clear spring-fed pond great for fishing and swimming. The acreage consists of a small meadow with the remainder being hardwoods. Excellent hunting!

There is a beautiful pond on this property.

I really like the interior photos in this listing. This is a cozy shot:

You can almost feel the warmth emanating to make this room toasty.

There are three bedrooms.

Basement looking well-stocked.

Shop buildings.

Hitching rail.

The current price on this 2,232 square-foot property is…


If you missed them, here are the other two Amish farms for sale:

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    1. I love the plain look to this home. However 3 bedrooms is too big for me are there any 1 or 2 bedroom homes available

    2. Troyer, not Schwartzentruber

      We were looking at farms in Angelica and actually stopped in at this one. The story of the community is that about 30 of the 60 families moved out (internal issues?? … don’t really know for sure) so there have been lots of farms/homes for sale in the last year or two. Many have already been bought by “English.” This home was originally “English” but was “adapted” into an Amish home. By the way, these are not Schwartzentruber, but “Troyer” Amish, although I asked two of them what type of Amish they were. Both said the exact same thing: “We are not Schwartzentruber, but I don’t know what we are other than Amish.” 🙂
      I researched on my own to realize that they came from the Jamestown Troyer group. One of the other farms for sale in the area just had a major price drop, so we could end up moving that way yet. 🙂 Mike

      1. Good info Mike, thanks. Troyer Amish crossed my mind as those I’ve seen before resemble Swartzentruber in some ways. 30 families, half the community is quite an exit. When so many are leaving, and that many homes go on the market around the same time, it’s no wonder some of them end up online. I’ve found there are more Amish homes for sale online than one might think, and it seems like the number is increasing since I first came across one (maybe 8 years ago?).

    3. Florence Hendrick

      I'm interested in the 41 acres property, please reach out to me. Thank you so very much.

      Hello, and good afternoon. I am interested in the 41 acres property with the pond. Please would someone reach out to me please. Thank you so very much.

      Florence Hendrick