Human Remains Found During Search For Linda Stoltzfoos

It has not been confirmed by authorities that these are Linda’s remains. The remains were found near the former workplace of Justo Smoker, who has been charged with homicide in the case. From Fox43:

Police say they have located human remains while searching for missing 18-year-old Lancaster County Amish woman, Linda Stoltzfoos.

The FBI and State Police say they recovered the remains in a rural area in the eastern part of Lancaster County. The Lancaster County Coroner has confirmed the body was discovered near Dutchland Inc. in Gap.

Preliminary studies of the body have started. The coroner says there will be a full forensic autopsy started on Friday. It could take days or weeks to answer definitively if the remains are that of Stoltzfoos and the ultimate cause of death. Temperature and moisture can impact decomposition. The coroner says his team will look for identifying marks on the body. His team will fall back on DNA if needed.

However, CBS21 claims that Linda’s family has confirmed to them that these are her remains:

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. — The family of Linda Stoltzfoos confirmed to CBS 21 News on Wednesday that the human remains discovered in Lancaster County were hers.

That’s all they write about the family confirming this to the station, no other details on that aspect. I haven’t seen any other reports of such confirmation from the family.

Image: CBS 21 News

More will be known tomorrow:

The coroner has confirmed that the remains were found near Dutchland Incorporated, the former workplace of Justo Smoker, who is facing kidnapping and homicide charges for Stoltzfoos’s disappearance.

Lancaster County District Attorney Heather Adams has scheduled a press conference for 11:00 a.m. on April 22 where she will provide an update into the Stoltzfoos investigation, according to a press release.

It is 10 months to the day since Linda was first reported missing.

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    1. Arthur Mabee Jr

      This is so sad about Linda Stoltzfoos

      I’m sadden and angered by the time frame in finding Linda’s body, if it’s her remains? It took 10 months for them to find this missing young lady, this brought so many tears to my eyes and heart. I pray for her family, God wants us to pray for Smoker as well. I’m completely lost for words, because it was so painful to hear this news.’
      I’m just completely numb because just think of Linda’s father, this happened on Father’s Day when she disappeared. I pray God, to comfort this family, please wrap your arms around them, give them strength during this difficult time, allow them to find comfort, and guide them all according to your will, God! In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!❤️
      Erik, please keep us up to date on what they know, thank you for all your updates, God Bless Brother!
      Arthur ❤️

      1. Nancy Mitchell

        Living among the Amish

        I am completely heartbroken. I dont understand the cruelty of people. She was so completely innocent. God be with her.

      2. Elisheva

        I agree wholeheartedly with you!!

        Well said !! It seems as though the search for her just dissipated which upset me immensely to no end…Not a day goes by where I have not prayed for her and her family to be reunited, no matter what the outcome but it seems to me that much more time, effort and attention should have been given to search for her! There is no excuse for not doing so!

    2. June

      Prayers for Linda and her family

      Reading this was not the outcome one would have hoped for. God be with Linda’s family as they wait for confirmation. Prayers that Gods love will overcome the pain “man places on man”.

    3. Debbie

      Prayers for her family

      Thank God her body was found. So tragic. I wonder what led the police to it. Hopefully more evidence against Smoker. Thanks for the updates.

    4. Rebecca

      Deeply Saddened for Linda

      The longer it took to find Linda, the more I believed it would have this terrible end. She was a lovely young lady who deserved to live a full and happy life. It is a sad day for all humanity when someone good and kind is taken from us, particularly in a heinous manner. I can only imagine the anguish her family has felt and I pray for them all in this time of sorrow.

    5. Delane Bairrow


      I don’t understand why that wouldn’t have been one of the first places the police searched. This guy’s home, workplace, former workplace, wherever he had frequented. Even so, I’m glad the family can get some closure and she is not out there being sex trafficked. It’s a horrible tragedy. Stay safe everyone. Watch your back.

      1. Ann Rozsi

        Response to Delane

        The District Attorney was asked that question during the press conference, She replied that they didn’t check his place of business because, on the day of Linda’s abduction, they had no cellphone pinging in the area of his work to support their searching there. They looked in other places, but not Dutchland LLC.

    6. Ellyn

      Details on having found Linda

      Smoker probably copped a plea deal to reveal information to the prosecutor in exchange for a “condition” of his sentencing.
      That is a high probability. The FBI were also able to clean up and better decipher the video footage they had received from the public placing Smoker in that area. He had buried her in the place they first discovered her bra and stocking…and then dug her body up and placed it in area #2 they now found her in. So…I am going to guess..that when the county wide search for her began..(before Smoker had been arrested) she was not in that particular area at that time. If I am wrong…I apologize. Once law enforcement is legally able to reveal their information they will. In the mean time..Miss Linda’s family and friends can finally lay her to rest in peace!
      Smoker deserves what he gets! He is a depraved sick piece of human garbage!I am curious as to what his sentencing will be!

    7. Ann Rozsi

      Confused why initial search didn't find her

      I watched the news conference and don’t understand why the initial search found articles of clothing but not her body. The DA stated that he returned a few days later and took her body from that location, to the one behind his place of employment, where she was located. I just don’t understand why a search with dogs didn’t locate her in the beginning. As a mother myself I would want closure too, and I pray for her and all whose lives she has touched.

      1. Ellyn Jewett

        Didn't discover on initial search

        That is a good question Ann!!

        I hope the authorities answer it in full when the time comes!