Search Ongoing For Missing Lancaster Amish Teen Girl (Updated)

18-year-old Linda Stoltzfoos went missing Sunday after failing to come home after church. Police believe she “may be at risk for harm or injury.” From WGAL:

BIRD IN HAND, Pa. — Police in Lancaster County are looking for a missing 18-year-old woman, who was last seen on Sunday.

East Lampeter Township Police issued the following missing person advisory:

“On Sunday 6/21/2020, Linda Stoltzfoos (18 year old / white female / 5’10” approximately 125 lbs.) failed to return home after a church service and is considered a missing person. She was last observed on a farm on Stumptown Road (Bird-In-Hand) wearing a tan dress, white apron and white cape. Anyone with information is requested to contact East Lampeter Township Police Department at 717 291-4676.”

Searchers have been looking for Linda since 8:30 AM today, and will continue to do so until dark. Police believe there is no reason to think she wanted to leave, and didn’t tell anyone about going anywhere, which makes this more concerning.

Police originally asked for volunteer help but have gotten so many they apparently have enough. Also: “Authorities are asking people not to search on their own or go to Stoltzfoos’ house.”

Linda again:

Here’s the Facebook page for her search. WGAL news footage here. Again anyone with information is asked to call the PD at 717-291-4676 OR you may submit a tip to the department’s CRIMEWATCH page.

Update: As of Tuesday midday, there is not a lot of new information. Searching continues for a second day. The search on its second day will now be carried out by “dedicated trained search teams” only (via the search Facebook page).

Lancaster Online reports that “well over 100 people are out searching as of noon,” and that “Search parties are using K9s that specialize in ground scent and air scent, licensed aerial drone operators and multiple horses. People are also searching in the water and on foot.”

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    1. Kristina Sobers

      Linda Stoltzfoos

      Can’t stop thinking and praying for her safe return home.

    2. Nita Roark
    3. Andrea Bennett

      Missing Amish girl

      Has anyone contacted Mission to the Amish? Or are there any Englisher friends houses near or far where she is welcomed? Let’s be hopeful that this is a runaway teen not a missing teen. Praying.

      1. I hope so too, but by the things the police are saying, it doesn’t sound like that sort of situation…

    4. Jerry Lamie


      Currently they are searching every row in the corn fields, They have drones flying, search dogs, mounted horseback groups and every barn, silo and shed is being searched.

      1. Andrea Bennett


        This search presumes that she has perished. Can a search also presume that she is alive and not wanting to be Amish?

        1. Geo


          Runaway is always considered a possibility in cases like this. That being so, a runaway is also in danger.

        2. I think by what the authorities are saying, that’s probably not the case. In those types of situations there would probably have been some indications noticed by the people closest to her (family, siblings, friends). Another good point made by an FB reader Danielle – the more dramatic stories where Amish kids just disappear at night tend to happen in the more conservative communities, and Lancaster is not that type of settlement (particularly the northern end where it sounds like she was from).

          1. Geo


            Amish kids just disappearing? Gosh, that suggests it’s frequent with the Amish. I hope that’s not the case but if it is, perhaps it should be better known.

            1. "Amish kids disappearing"

              I realize that was odd wording. What was meant by that was not kidnapping or anything nefarious like that, but young Amish people (adolescent/young adult) leaving home/the community.

        3. wilson

          Hoping she is alive;but...

          Linda was reportedly abducted by a convicted felon. While hope should continue for her safe return my opinion is this is a recovery operation. I am sure the convicted felon most likely responsible is not providing information as to Linda’s location, I am also sure he knows where she is. I also expect he has legal counsel who most likely would advise him to keep quiet about the case. I am somewhat familiar about Welsh Mountain wooded area where search continues but I am a bit surprised that search dogs have not located an evidence of her whereabouts. I expect there is good reason to search there but she could be somewhere else. I am also curious why psychic search has not come up with any clues where she is.

    5. amishgirl- Rebecca

      Human trafficking is a very real possibility. In this area earlier in the year 1 young girl was almost lured away. If she’s a runaway, she would likely have left a note, so they know she’s safe. I would fear kidnapping. Sure makes one think of Sasha, a Mennonite girl, who disappeared from Farmington, New Mexico earlier in the year. That familly said there only comfort is:Jesus is with her or she’s with Jesus! Pray

      1. That’s not something I thought of but hope she wasn’t caught in anything like that. That was a bad story in New Mexico.

    6. Jeff Baker

      Who took her picture?

      It’s a very nice picture of her. I pray they find her. Who took the the picture – I thought pictures were not acceptable in most Amish communities.

      1. Pictures of Amish youth are quite common in some communities, particularly the more progressive ones, which includes Lancaster County. Here’s more on a related topic:

    7. J.O.B.


      This area is not that isolated. Plenty of tourist spots. There is a bar just a few minutes down the road. Many businesses(non-Amish). Fathers Day.

      Point is, People were out and about. It’s not in the middle of nowhere.

      They say she was last seen after church. Sunday is a busy day for Amish youth to hang out. They can be out playing sports. Fishing. Going for a drive(Amish youth love trucks and fast cars).

      Hopefully law enforcement knows more than what they are saying.

    8. Rebecca Ruth R Fisher

      Focus on spreading awareness

      Thank you for posting this Eric.
      I suggest if anybody has any contacts with any “Missing Person” organizations or detective groups etc. please spread the word to them. This is a sad time for us in the community.
      The chances that she voluntarily did this are less than .00000001. There are occasions when that might happen among us but none of Linda’s acquaintances have any reason to believe that she would’ve done that, she simply is not that kind of a person.
      There was also some other suspicious activity going on in the area around this time so hopefully authorities can locate her soon.
      Please pray for all involved, and especially for Linda.

      1. Thanks for getting in touch Rebecca.

        Needless to say, we hope she is found ASAP.

        As far as awareness I have posted this on Facebook as well:

        It’s been the most-shared post we’ve ever had. I will put something else up. Also, I noticed the photos of Linda shared by the Facebook search page are better quality and larger than the ones the newspapers like Lancaster Online are using.

        Prayers for you and Linda.

    9. Elisheva

      A Mother’s Heart...surrounded by the love of the Blessed Mother and Her Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

      “Kind mother we cannot conceive the agony of your pure heart as you looked for your child for three days”
      -a Mystery of The Holy Rosary.
      May God continue to Watch, Guide, Bless and Comfort this lovely child and her family.

      1. Praying

        I was visiting Lancaster when this young woman disappeared. I don’t believe she is voluntarily missing. Praying for Linda and her family.