Horse sales draw big crowds among the Amish.

Draft horses such as Belgians and Percherons are the monsters of the horse world.

These two breeds power the Amish farm.  They haul, they plow, they bring the corn in every autumn.

The sight of four, six, or even eight drafts hitched up at one time, deftly handled by an Amish farmer or a teenage son (or daughter), is something to behold.

A recent Columbus Dispatch article mentions that the animals sell for a few thousand up to the tens of thousands, for show quality horses.

Despite their imposing presence, and a weight that can crack 2,000 pounds, the beasts are surprisingly docile.

Still, you wouldn’t want to be on the wrong end of a kick from one of these big guys, or any of the other horse breeds, such as Standard or Saddle Breds, typical Amish “buggy horses”.

Every so often Amish adults and children are injured or even killed by a kick from a jumpy horse.  This past summer in northern Indiana, a two year old boy caught a kick to the chest from a spooked animal.

Luckily, the boy recovered.  A few inches higher, it was said, and he wouldn’t have.

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