Leaving, once again

Following up a recent AA post on Amish families leaving the church, Kevin Williams at the Amish Cook is blogging an article on a down-south Lancaster-transplant Amish clan that ends up ‘going Pentecostal’.

Some good points made by Kevin and the commenters…I would only add this:  on the article-writer describing the Amish ‘believing the use of modern technology to be a sin’…that really ain’t so.


According to standard Amish belief, modern tech is not sinful per se.  Cars and internet and things get banned because of the potential that ownership of these items introduces for weakening and destroying the traditional, egalitarian, stick-close-and-rely-on-each-other ideal of the typical Amish community.

Solar panels, phone booths, mechanical milkers, flashlights, battery-operated video game players showing up to varying degrees across Amish America all attest to the idea that the Amish will accept modern technology, as long as it passes ‘the test’.

‘The test’ varies, though, and your church might not agree with mine on any or all of those things.  Enough disagreements arise, and our churches may disfellowship.  But that’s a topic for another time.

photo:  Whitney Miller/Bristol Herald Courier

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    1. ADalton


      Do you have a link to the article?

      1. If the link is not there that’s probably because it became broken at some point and was removed. This post is nearly 6 years old and this happens when people make url changes to their sites. Try a Google search.

    2. Kris


      I want to supply a home and safe place for children leaving the amish life stlye….

      1. Debra McCullar

        Hmm I do not think children have the option of leaving at least until they are grown. I surely hope not anyway.

    3. Help

      I want to be able to provide a home and a secure environment for children who are leaving the Amish way of life.