Big Valley, Pennsylvania is home to three main Amish groups–the Byler Amish, Renno Amish, and Nebraska Amish.

Big Valley buggy Byler Renno Amish
They’re often known by the color of their buggies–yellow, black, and white, respectively.

Byler Amish buggy dashboard Big Valley
The somewhat fancy dash of a Byler Amish buggy.  Yes, those are keys hanging on the right.  You’ve got to start the horse somehow.

Byler Amish buggy cigarette lighter Big Valley
Some Amish smoke.  So this comes in handy.  Also for recharging the iPod.

Renno Amish buggy dashboard Big Valley
This Renno buggy has a plainer dashboard.  Switches operate battery-powered lighting.

Nebraska and Byler Amish buggies Big Valley Pennsylvania

Nebraska buggies really don’t have a dash, or anything like the enclosed front that the other types do.  So bring a blankie if you catch a ride on a chilly day.

Also: Brown buggies-read about the Amish of New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, a group with roots in Big Valley.

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