10 Views Of The Pearisburg, VA Amish Community

Presented again with minimal comment, here are 10 photos of the Pearisburg, Virginia Amish area. If you’re not familiar, here is more on what makes this community unique.

I had wanted to visit this area for some time and finally had a chance yesterday. A misty, rainy day but that only added to the atmosphere of this mountainous community.

But first: on the way, I was slightly sidetracked by a 30-mile detour on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I couldn’t pass that up.

Views from Blue Ridge Parkway (VA)

Having arrived, my first stop was the large Amish-owned Walker Valley Market which is hard to miss as you go through the main valley. Reader Shawn gave us a look at this market in 2016.

I also tried to visit an Amish person who lives here as recommended by a friend, but he wasn’t home. I’ll plan to return in spring, no doubt it is beautiful at that time.

Surprisingly there is a large correctional institute in the valley. It seems out of place but is apparently a source of business for the Walker Valley Market, according to an Amish girl named Laura who I spoke with there.

Finally, I got two sandwiches to go, a Reuben and a custom made one with pastrami and swiss. I give these an “A”. Packed with tasty fillings and excellent warm grilled bread.











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    1. Mary

      Quite Pretty

      such pretty pictures, rain and all. Have never been to Virginia but it looks like a nice place to settle down. I am in SC but in the Charleston area so the country pictures look wonderful to me…Be Safe.

      1. Thanks Mary! Virginia has some really beautiful areas in its mountains, overall maybe even more so than North Carolina (and I am an NC native). I need to do some more research and see if that’s accurate:)

    2. Al in Ky

      Thanks for the pictures of the Pearisburg settlement. I was there about six years ago and went to the Nature’s Way store, which I think has closed and
      Walker Valley Market opened. Did you get any indication of how many other Amish-owned stores there are at the present time in the settlement?

      1. Al, I personally did not see a single other business – at least not a sign for one – but I didn’t spend a ton of time there. I will go back and try to visit the contact in the spring and hope to learn some more.

    3. jerry

      I grew up near there.

      The best place on earth. Good people and truly God’s country. My aunt lived in the area for many years and recently passed at 103 years old.

      1. Jerry do you know, is the official name of the valley the Big Walker Creek Valley like in the photo of the sign, or is that just a local nickname? I googled it, and didn’t find much.

        I don’t think I’ve seen a more beautifully-situated correctional institution.

    4. Loretta Shumpert


      Sorry! We’re Open!

      Love that sense of humor!

      1. The other side of the sign says “Yes! We’re Closed”.

    5. Loretta Shumpert


      Erik, is that a picture of okra beneath the picture of the sandwich? If so, how is is prepared?

      1. Jeff Baker

        Okra in February?

        Where does the Okra come from in February I wonder.

        1. I didn’t stop to think…it must be prepped earlier and it “keeps”. I just checked the packaging – this one has a sell by date of June 30, 2020. So I think that answers it.

          1. Jeff Baker

            use fresh okra in soups

            I like to use fresh okra in soups to help thicken it.

            Thank you for the reply, Erik.

      2. It is! I think it is just fried in some oil or light batter. It’s crispy and sweet. Delicious. I think this is actually the same stuff that I found in the Tennessee “Amishy” market I did a post on a couple weeks ago. Tasted the same anyway.