Dusted off your lawn loungers yet?  Outdoor rockers, tables, and chairs are a big part of the Amish furniture repertoire.  Amish outdoor furniture shops have been gearing up across the land for sun-hungry customers ready to plop down some cash–and then plop down on the lawn for some much-needed rays.

Today Tom shares photos of Amish lawn furniture pieces from Raymond’s shop in the Conewango Valley NY Amish settlement.

Amish Poly Rocker

Stocking up for the spring, the shop has amassed a large inventory.

Amish Outdoor Furniture

Somebody had a little fun here. Poly furniture is made from recycled plastic coming from waste products like detergent bottles and milk jugs.  Poly lumber is durable and comes in the full palette of colors.  Could you see this on an Amish lawn?

Amish Outdoor Rainbow Chair

A wheelbarrow planter.

Amish Wheelbarrow Planter

From RVs to home entertainment centers, Amish manufacture products they might not use themselves.  This mini-fridge/dual seat combo is a deck junkie’s dream.

It’s electric so you probably won’t find this version on an Amish deck.  Though who knows, there may be a propane model for the Amish market.  I would want one of these, but I’d only be able to really use it a couple months of the year.

Amish Outdoor Chairs Cooler


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