Amish Sisters Sing “Amazing Grace” – With Guitar

This is a neat video. Two Amish sisters from Charm, Ohio sing perhaps the best-known of all Christian hymns, “Amazing Grace“.

This was filmed after a meal in an Amish home – probably a home business which welcomes in English guests. Why is one of the girls playing guitar? You might have thought that Amish don’t play musical instruments. Well, Amish don’t play them to the extent English do. But there are some cases where you’ll find musical instruments among the Amish.

One is the harmonica, though that is not usually paired with singing. Baptized adults even play that. It seems to be popular in Lancaster County.

Another example: an Amish young person might play the guitar. This seems to be more common among Midwestern Amish in the mainstream-to-progressive groups, though also seen among Lancaster Amish as well.

You may also come across keyboards and accordions. I haven’t seen much sign that older adults play these instruments (though they would probably be less public about it), but among Amish youth in some communities, it’s not so unusual.

Another example we’ve seen is this group of Amish girls singing “How Great Thou Art” accompanied by multiple instruments – guitar, keyboard, and accordion.

In church, instruments are not used. I have not seen or heard of them used at youth group singings either, though maybe that occurs in places.

If you’re wondering, again there were comments on this video suggesting these two sisters are not Amish. But nothing to the extent of the recent funeral singing commenter. Video poster James Wagler, who has Amish ties, states that this family is from a New Order Amish church.

As a bonus, here’s another video of the sisters singing “Walk A Mile.”  A little faster and peppier tune. I like this one.

Walk A Mile

Did you get up this morning
With both feet on the floor
Did you take a deep breath
And thank God once more

For the many blessings
He has given you
Before you take another step
There’s something you should do

Walk a mile in your brother’s shoes today
Stop to help someone struggling on their way
In your sister’s wheelchair sitting patiently
Share the sunset with someone who cannot see

You can tell me my friend
Life just isn’t fair
Troubles and trials
Are more than you can bear

No one understands
All that you’ve been through
Stop for just one minute
And here’s what you should do

Walk a mile in your brother’s shoes today
Stop to help someone struggling on their way
In your sister’s wheelchair sitting patiently
Share the sunset with someone who cannot see

Walk a mile in your brother’s shoes today

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    1. Geo

      old timey music

      Very charming, like listening to The Carter Family recordings from early 1900’s. Just real and homey from before country was cool.

    2. Marianne Drane

      Hi I have gone to may Amish homes in Lancaster County for dinners. Would love to go to a home in Holmes County. Do you know how I could get in contact with a family to have dinner.
      Would love to experience the difference in the two. I have been invited and got to help with 2 weddings they are amazing. Would appreciate any information.

      1. Marianne Drane

        My favorite part to an Amish dinner beside the meal being amazing is afterwards listing to them sing. What amazing voices they have. I could
        listen to them all evening sing.

      2. Marianne I think this might be useful – Heartland Tours arranges dinners in Amish homes in Holmes County:

        I’ve never been to one, but it sounds interesting. You’ll find more info at that link. I hope that helps.

        Maybe there are other options that readers know about. I would imagine there might be some families who arrange things directly as well, but the Heartland Tours option has a website so that might be more convenient.

        1. Marianne Drane

          thanks for the info

    3. Elizabeth Bible

      You did an amazing job singing. First time have seen any Amish playing a guitar and singing along to it. Beautiful job. Does your district allow you to play with guitars or other instrumens now. I live the Amish people. God bless you all.

    4. Nikki

      Lovely! Thank you so much! How would one go about having dinner in an Amish home in Lancaster?

      1. Marianne Drane

        send me a personal message and i can give you some info. we also stay at an amish home it is a guest house attached to there house. Been staying there for 14 years. They are wonderful people and great friends

    5. Stephanie Berkey
    6. Stephanie Zito

      Amish Sisters Sing "Amazing Grace" - With Guitar

      Thank you for sharing this. It is so lovely and such a blessing to hear the Amish combine Traditional Old Hymns with singing and musical instruments in this music style.

    7. observation

      there is no one that is as dumb as the Amish are….they are about as backward as any people can be…..they represent no vision of advancement at all!

      1. Stephanie Berkey

        Vision and advancement of what? Crime? Swearing, violence, and evil science that’s destroying this world? I value Godly vision and advancement too, but also appreciate the desire to live a simple and humble Godly life focused on essential basics.