The reader who shares today’s video clip writes, “it’s different, with some instruments”. Those instruments include a Casio keyboard, guitar and accordion.

This is a short clip filmed last year by Ernest Bontrager in Pinecraft. He describes the group as the “Tri Valley Singers from Ohio”. The girls played on Estrada Street “to a large Amish crowd.”

I would agree, it is “different” to see Amish using instruments to accompany song. Amish people usually don’t use musical instruments (with some exceptions).

These are likely unbaptized girls, however, and this is not a church setting–it’s Pinecraft.

If you’d like to hear more-traditional versions of Amish singing, you can find those too.

Here on the site we’ve shared videos of Amish children singing for the Ohio legislatureKentucky Amish girls singing “City of Light”, and the Oakland, Maryland Amish church’s rendition of the same hymn (scroll to bottom).

Nothing against the girls’ playing, but I think I prefer unaccompanied singing to instrumental versions. So many Amish singers I’ve heard have beautiful voices.

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