Amish population figures are available for 2013 on the Amish Studies website. Among the new numbers you’ll find:

  • Total church districts is estimated at 2,056
  • The Amish population has risen 20% since 2008
  • The top 10 states with Amish account for 92% of the total population
  • “High-growth” states over the past 21 years include New York, Minnesota, and Tennessee.  Among the “slow-growth” are Delaware and North Carolina

US Amish Population EstimatesFor more information see “Amish Population by State (2013)”; “Amish Population Trends 2008-2013, 5-Year Highlights”; and “Amish Population Trends 1992-2013, 21-Year Highlights.”

If you know me, you know I am always interested in anything to do with Amish population.  I’d be curious to hear what stands out for you among the new estimates. What signs of Amish growth have you noticed?

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