New Wilmington Amish Christmas school program

New Wilmington Amish

A week back I wrote about how Amish celebrate Christmas, with a mention of the holiday program that takes place in many Amish schools.

Rick shares a photo from a recent visit to the New Wilmington, PA Amish community, taken during the Christmas Eve program at a local one-room school.

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    1. For the life of me, I don’t know how they get their big families in those buggies! Why doesn’t someone make a bigger one – or do they have those for family outings? That picture is so precious and old-fashioned looking – I love it!

    2. Beth, you are right, the buggies can be pretty cramped sometimes…I remember a few rides where usually I had to carry a little one on my lap for lack of room. There is some variation in size among the various models and groups, but no ‘stretch’ buggies, at least not used by Amish (though sometimes they are used for guided tours).

    3. Carolyn B

      Snowy Scene

      Erik, perfect post for today as we have had a dusting of snow in MO. I love the photo.

    4. thomas

      what is the cost

      if i wanted to have a amish extended buggy built to hold at least 14 people
      what would it cost?
      thank you

    5. thomas

      what would be a est on a amish extended buggy to carry at least 14 people