Quilts and more at a Mennonite Haiti Auction

Amish and Mennonites are known for putting on a series of Haiti benefit auctions throughout the year in various locations.  These auctions are meant to support mission work in the impoverished country.

Today Tom serves up photos from a Mennonite-run Haiti auction held this past Friday-Saturday in Penn Yann, NY.  This is in Yates County in the “Finger Lakes” region of west-central New York.

The auction was well-advertised, as you can see by the signs.

Haiti Benefit Auction NY

Tom: “This part of New York has a large population of Old Order and more progressive Mennonites. They came by buggy. bicycle and car . It was wonderful to see hundreds of people of all ages working together for the people of Haiti. They had a nice supper that was by donation.”

Mennonite Haiti Benefit Auction

The schedule.  I do like how the Roast Beef Dinner warms you up for the Cattle Auction.  Coincidence?

Haiti Benefit Sale New York

How the money works: “No sales tax, no commission, no buyers premium.  100% of proceeds go to Haiti relief”.  Everyone is chipping in.

Maple Syrup Chainsaw

Sweet and sharp.  Looks like we have some maple syrup and a holstered chainsaw.

Hanging Baskets Mennonite Auction

The hanging planters have landed.

Mennonite Buggy Haiti Auction

Dad’s wheels…

Trike Trailer

And son’s (plus room for a couple of friends).

Haiti Mennonite Missions

Haiti auctions will have informational stands like this one showing work done in the country.  You may also be able to taste foods based on Haitian recipes.

Mennonite Furniture Bed

Mennonite bed in the furniture section.

Mennonite Auction Quilt

Horses will follow you anywhere.

Mennonite Quilt

And finally a couple more attractive quilts.  This one seems very autumn to me.

Quilt Mennonite Auction

Thanks again to Tom.  I saved a couple of interesting photos which I’m going to share with you tomorrow.

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    1. Good morning folks and as everyone knows we have these types of benefit auctions here in the Lancaster area as well. I may be wrong but to me it seems the Mennonites get involved with more of the charities outside the USA compared to say the Amish, so I’m sure both are giving of themselves in different ways for the most part equally. I really like cedar furniture, so I love the look and the smells and I’m liking pictures 9 and 10 a lot. I do hope I’m looking at cedar here, id hate to look like a fool this early on a Monday morning! Richard

    2. Yoder

      What do the Old Order Mennonites think about photos? Do they use cameras?

      1. Tom

        I know only a few Old Order Mennonites in this area and I asked them about taking their picture. They would rather not have their picture taken so I did my best to not have folks in my pictures. Maybe I should have cropped the lady out of one of the shots.

    3. Marilyn from NY

      Quilts and more at Mennonite Haiti Auction

      Darn, had I know it was on this weekend I would have gone to the auction. I didn’t see it in our papers. I thought they use to hold it in August. I guess they moved it.

      I know Old Order Mennonite in our area do not like their pictures taken-at least the ones I know don’t. It is against their beliefs.

    4. Lee Ann

      Beautiful photos! Loved the furniture and the quilts. I would love to have pine furniture like this. Mine is oak. I guess from the different parts of the country you have different wood for the furniture. Love the last quilt so much and wish I had been there to purchase something.

    5. Margaret

      Great pictures! Thanks for sharing them — wish I could have gone to the sale!

    6. Carolyn B

      Thanks for the photos, Tom. Erik, thanks for hinting more is to come. I really enjoyed these.

      My favorite which I think would be worthy of framing is photo #9. It appears to me as red cedar, no matter what the truth really is. I love wood furniture, and this just screams “serenity” to me. (irony intended).

      I thought photo #11 was a crocheted afghan until I looked closer. The intricacies in this pattern & the skill it must have taken to design & construct are phenomenal.

    7. Valerie

      Come to Ohio's!

      If you missed the NY Haiti Benefit Auction, the Ohio’s is 9/1/12,
      It is worth a drive from NY! It’s really a sight to behold, amazing how much goes into this and it is such a blessing to see all the stands showing what all the Mennonites do in Haiti-of course, the Amish contribute quilts & donations as well so it is such an awesome event. Also, in Kidron, OH, the first Saturday in August The Mennonite Relief Auctin is another huge event of Quilt auction & all kinds of other items for sale, Amish built furniture, etc-it’s HUGE! and they raise so much $ to help @ 70 third world countries by this even. It is also worth a drive from out of state-lots of GREAT food too at both these events-so, mark your calendars & come! Below are two links, the Mennonite Relief Auction’s link has slide show-These are my 2 favorite summertime events, and very worthy causes. Breathtakingly beautiful quilts & they can really bring in the $ to aid the needy-



    8. Juanita Cook

      Love the cool photo’s. The quilts are so beautiful Sure wouldn’t mind going to one of these sales one day.

    9. Alice Mary

      I love the trike with room for towing two more behind! I’d have LOVED something like that as a kid! My granddaughter is a little young for it now, though.

      I’d love to see more (especially unusual) Amish kids’ toys! This Busia would love to purchase some handmade Amish FUN!

      Wonderful photos, Tom (as usual)!

      Alice Mary

    10. Lin

      New York Haiti Benefit Auction

      The Chronicle Express has given some good press coverage to the New York Haiti Benefit Auction.
      -http://www.chronicle-express.com/photos/x1336441392/2011-Haiti-Benefit-Auction (pictures from 2011)

      -http://www.chronicle-express.com/photos/x448222245/Haiti-Benefit-Auction-bidding?page=0 (pictures from 2012 N.Y. H.B.A.)

      -http://www.chronicle-express.com/news/x681114218/Coming-up-A-weekend-of-fun-with-Cruisin-Night-and-New-York-Haiti-Benefit-Auction-all-in-Penn-Yan (an article just before the 2012 auction)

      -http://www.chronicle-express.com/video/x1805318289/Haiti-Benefit-Auction-2012 (even a video)