Maryland has been called “America in miniature”, due to its wide range of geographical features, from the Apppalachian mountains in the west to the bays and waterways of the east.

amish maryland farm barn

An Amish farm in Cecil County, Maryland

Today there are only 3 Amish settlements in Maryland, scattered across the state.  I have visited 2 of them.  You may remember last year’s post on the Chesapeake Bay-area St. Mary’s County Amish community, a settlement with a number of traditional farms and businesses.

On my recent Amish trip, I also dropped by the Cecil County settlement, not far outside the village of Cecilton in the northeastern corner of the state.  This settlement is Maryland’s smallest.  The only signs of Amish I could find were two Amish farms and two buggy signs.  There may be more Amish here, but they are well-hidden.

An unusual community is also found near the town of Oakland in the western Appalachian region.

Amish have never had a huge presence in Maryland.  Though Maryland borders heavily-Amish Pennsylvania, one important historical factor prevented much early settlement in the state.

You can read more on these settlements in today’s Maryland Amish state guide entry (with today’s entry, we’re at the halfway mark with the State Guide-14 states are now available out of 28, not including Ontario).


Amish-made cheese

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