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pa-dutch-marketsAmish markets are shopper favorites, providing a wide array of goods including foods, crafts, baked and canned goods, and even furniture and outdoor items.

Amish live in 30 states, and sell their products in many more.  Use the guide below to find an Amish market in your neighborhood.


“Amish Market” can mean different things. This directory includes:

  1. Venues commonly described as “Farmer’s Markets” or “PA Dutch Markets”, where Amish vendors sell goods a few days each week, such as those near cities like Baltimore and Washington, D.C.
  2. Non-Amish vendors selling Amish foods and other Amish goods
  3. Produce markets offering Amish-raised fruits and vegetables
  4. Amish-run shops located in Amish communities, typically selling food and related products

NOTE: There can be a lot of difference between the businesses listed here. Some are full-fledged Amish operations; others may just carry a limited amount of Amish-made or Amish-labeled products. We’ve tried to give a brief description of each sharing what information we have been able to find, but it’s always good to double-check the nature of a business using the contact information before traveling a long distance. As businesses change over time, we also don’t guarantee that this list is 100% up-to-date. Your corrections and suggestions are welcome.

Amish Markets Nationwide

Know of a venue selling Amish products that we missed? Share it with us in the comments section.


Ozark Country Market
999 Heber Springs Rd South
Heber Springs, AR
501 206 0127
At Ozark Country Market you can find both Amish and non-Amish products. Locally made Amish items including jams, marmalade, butter in a variety of flavors, meats, hand-woven baskets and gifts.

Amish and Country Store
3040 Highway 65 North
Dermott, AR
Offers Amish and Mennonite made fresh bread, jams, snacks, cheeses and meats, fruit cider, candy, cookbooks, soaps and more.

Homey Hearth Bakery and Deli
905 N. Main Street
Harrison, AR
Business owned by Clarence and Barbara Yoder, started in 1990. They carry a wide array of products such as baked goods including wheat bread, cinnamon rolls, homey heart sandwiches, homemade pies, pound cakes.


Miller Family Bakery
494 State Highway 370
Monte Vista, CO
Amish owned and operated bakery in San Luis Valley. Run by five Miller daughters.


Dutch Country Farmers Market
701 N Broad Street
Middletown, DE
Features over 25 vendors selling baked pies, doughnuts, cheeses, fresh meats, BBQ chicken and ribs, fresh fruit and produce. Amish made furniture available as well. Plenty of food stands, restaurants, candy; mostly homemade by Pennsylvania Amish.

Spence’s Bazaar
550 S. New Street
Dover, DE
Runs every Tuesday and Friday year-round, sometimes also on Saturdays. At Spence’s Bazaar and Auction you will find an array of products from Amish food, natural spices, Amish grown fresh produce, to electronic items and furniture.

Byler’s Store
1368 Rose Valley School Road
Dover, DE
At Byler’s variety store you can find some Amish handcrafted wooden items among a wide choice of foods, meats, pies, cookies, jams and jellies and more.


Go to Florida Amish Markets list.


Yoder’s Country Market
7401 Georgia 26
Montezuma, GA
Beachy Amish Mennonite country store with old-fashioned candy, spices and Amish tonics.


Miller’s Country Store
1326 Baldy Mountain Road
Sandpoint, ID
Provides Amish made products such as rolled butter, Amish Country Popcorn (mushroom, red, midnight blue, caramel, rainbow, yellow), among an extensive selection of non-Amish made items.


Go to Illinois Amish market listings.

View the Indiana Amish market directory.


Amish Country Store
Exit 4 of I-35
109 S. Spruce Drive
Lamoni, IA
Offers a broad choice of products, all made by local Amish families, such as jam and jellies, candy, hand-woven baskets, bird houses, gifts, furniture and much more.

Southern Iowa Produce Auction
Ice Avenue Bloomfield
South of Drakesville, IA
Amish produce auction, largest in Iowa. Takes place on second and fourth Saturday from April until October.

Triple “B” Acres
Jonathon & Fannie Yoder
30821 Chapel Rd.
Lamoni, IA
Amish homemade goods, foods, bakery.

Troyer Baskets
Katie & Verna Troyer
14180 280th St.
Lamoni, IA
Some Amish goods available.

Andy & Cevilla Miller
15065 280th St.
Lamoni, IA
Amish made foods and such.

Amanda Gingerich
25621 Elk Chapel Rd.
Lamoni, IA
Homemade food.

Eli & Caroline Troyer
25549 Elk Chapel Rd.
Lamoni, IA
Amish products made by Lamoni communities.

The Baker’s Pantry
904 Sugar Grove Ave
Dallas Center, IA
Family owned country store, provides organic and Amish made products such as grocery and bulk food items, candies, jams and jellies, pickled items, cheeses, meats and much more.

Weavers Farm Market PA
Amish Farm Markets sell produce, plants, and other items


Yoder Meats
3509 E. Switzer Road
Yoder, KS 67585
Specializes in a variety of meats including custom cut, smoked meats and sausages.


Habegger’s Amish Market
415 Perrytown Road
Scottsville, KY
Habegger’s Amish Market is located in the Amish community in Allen County, KY. Wide array of local products available including Amish homemade meats, cheeses, butter, fresh breads, pies and cookies.

The Market Place & Amish Deli
4527 East Shelbiana Road
Pikeville, KY
Amish-made products available.


View full directory of Maryland Amish markets.


Helfing’s Amish Farm Market
38953 Harper Avenue
Clinton Township, MI
This is a family owned business carrying Amish products including naturally raised fresh meats, organic produce, Amish dairy cheeses, baked goods and much more. Serving the local community since 1952.

Miller’s Discount Store
24029 Trucken Miller Rd.
Centreville, MI
Amish grocery store specializing in bulk foods.

Nye’s Apple Barn & Farms
3151 Niles Ave
St. Joseph, MI
Choice of fresh produce grown by local vendors. They provide some Amish homemade items such as pies, jams and jellies.

Pine Valley Country Store
8181 S. Cornwell Ave.
Clare, MI
Amish store, offers fresh produce and bulk foods.

Surrey Discount Foods
Eli Byler & Eli Yoder
10304 E. Surrey Rd.
Clare, MI
Amish homemade products available.

Country Cookstove Bakery
Robert & Mabel Kuhr
8704 S. Eberhart Ave.
Clare, MI
Local Amish baked goods and such.


Amish Market Square
2850 Whitewater Avenue
Saint Charles, MN
Amish Market Square provides some Amish items including fresh produce and baked goods. A range of non-Amish products also available.

Amish Country Coop Farmers Market
43368 County Road 23 South
Bertha, MN
Specializes in Amish hand made crafts and furniture. Amish homemade goods and fresh produce available as well. All items are made/grown by local Amish from Todd County, MN.


Bowling Green Amish Community
Outside Bowling Green on rural Highways Y and M
Bowling Green, MO
A range of different Amish businesses including Jacob Yoder’s seasonal candy, Jacob Schwartz’s general store, Jerry Schwartz’s bulk foods, Jerry Yoder’s bakery, Amos Eicher’s grocery store, Albert Hilty’s butcher shop.

Four County Produce
A mile north of Windsor, MO on WW Hwy
Windsor, MO
Amish auction.

Country Acres (German Baptist-owned)
33607 Major Avenue
Jamesport, MO
Amish country variety store and greenhouse, provides fresh produce, goods and foods.

Countryside Bakery
21870 State Hwy 190
Jamesport, MO
Amish bakery, carries fresh baked goods and homemade jams.

Graber’s Greenhouse (Mennonite-owned business)
30707 State Hwy 6
Jamesport, MO
Provides all sort of fresh produce, flowers and plants.

H and M Country Store
21910 State Hwy 190
Jamesport, MO
Amish made bulk foods, produce, dairy, spices and seasonal products.

Homestead Creamery (German Baptist-owned)
2059 LIV 506
Jamesport, MO
Variety store and greenhouse. Raw milk, cheeses and dairy.

Clear Creek Produce
5 miles South of Jamesport on State Hwy 190,
Then Left on Reel for 1/2 mile.
Jamesport, MO
Amish locally grown fresh produce.


Mission General Store
61307 Watson Road,
St. Ignatius, MT
Amish groceries, bulk foods, gourmet foods and much more.


Pawnee Kuntry Store
71215 626 Ave
Pawnee City, NE
Amish-run business, features a variety of products including foods.

New Jersey

Go to full New Jersey Amish markets directory.

New York

Amish Market (Tribeca)
53 Park Place,
(btwn W. Broadway & Church St
New York, NY

Amish Market (East)
240 East 45th St.
(btwn 2nd Ave & 3rd Ave
New York, NY

Amish Market (West)
731 9th Ave.
(btwn 49th St & 50th St)
New York, NY
New York City supplier for Amish products, carrying all kind of foods, fresh produce and baked goods. Amish style restaurant, catering and delivery available. Market has 3 different locations.

Oak Hill Bulk Foods
3173 Route 14A
Penn Yan, NY
Amish made cheeses from Ohio communities among a range of non-Amish products.

North Country Store
32660 Rt. 11 S
Philadelphia, NY
Full line of Pennsylvania Dutch products including some Amish made goods.

North Carolina

Yoder’s Amish Market
90 County Home Rd.
Blanch, NC 27212
Has been in business for 25 years. Yoder’s Amish Market features a broad choice of products including baked goods, bulk foods and deli items.  Cheeses come from an Ohio Amish community.

Troyers Country Amish Blatz
14 Bonn E Lane
Fairview, NC
Cheeses made on an Ohio Amish farm. Wide selection of Amish outdoor furniture and crafts available as well among non-Amish foods and goods.

Hillbilly Produce Market
7024 E Independence Expy
Charlotte, NC
Carries some Amish products such as salsa, relishes, chow-chow and pickled goods.

Pike’s Amish Country Store
796 Concord Pkwy N
Concord, NC
Amish butter, cheeses, bulk foods, baked goods, canned goods and more.


View the Ohio Amish market full directory.

Central Market Amish
Lancaster City’s Central Market


View the full Pennsylvania Amish market listings.


Nolensville Feed Mill Farmers Market
7280 Nolensville Rd
Nolensville, TN
Carries Amish and Mennonite products such as Amish fresh baked goods, tomatoes, strawberries, peaches, watermelons, onions, peppers and much more. In the fall season pumpkins, mums and gourds available.

Country View Market
3368 Tennessee 48
Charlotte, TN
Amish handcrafted furniture, gifts, homemade food including jams, jellies, canned goods and much more.

Swiss Pantry
7970 David Crocket Hwy
Belvidere, TN
A selection of products including Amish peanut butter.

Cane Creek Market
1798 Highway 438 E
Lobelville, TN
Country store.


Amish Market
410 West Main Street
Fredericksburg, TX
Provides Amish-made items including furniture, gifts and crafts among a wide selection of homemade Amish and Mennonite foods such as fresh produce, dairy products regularly shipped from Amish, home-canned fruits, vegetables and a range of Amish-made candies.

Amish Oak In Texas
1145 Texas 337 Loop
New Braunfels, TX
Specializes in Amish furniture and crafts. They also carry a wide selection of homemade Amish goods including jams and jellies, noodles, pickled, organic and sugar free items.  Wide selection of Amish candy and sweets available as well.


View Amish markets in Virginia – full listings.


Old Country Cheese
S510 County Road D
Cashton, WI
A range of Amish made products such as jams and jellies (apple, apricot, cherry, blackberry, peach, strawberry, plum butter, dutch apple jam, gooseberry, pumpkin butter), cheeses, gifts, crafts and much more.

Detweiler Bulk Foods
N5055 Hwy 14
Albany, WI
Cookies and candy made by Amish suppliers.

Amish House
N 5183 17th Drive
Wild Rose, WI
Amish House carries a broad choice of items including popcorn, syrups and Amish cheeses.

West Virginia

Halfway Market
1213 US Rt 60 East
Milton, WV
Halfway Market was established in 1970 originally as a produce market.  Over the years they have opted to provide some specialty products including Amish jams and canned items, Amish cheeses and Amish Wedding foods. Hand made furniture by Amish craftsmen available as well.

Weaver’s Farm Market photo: Leo Reynolds/flickr; Central Market: TheRichardsons/flickr

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    1. Glenn's Bulk Food - Pleasantview, KS

      Glenn’s Bulk Food in Pleasantview, KS

    2. Debe Yoder Hooley

      Amish store located in Central Alabama

      Established in December 2007 a unique gift and craft shop opened in memory of my parents Bill & Edna Yoder (formally of the Amish faith).
      Amish food, cheese, baked goods. Plus many handcrafted items.
      Phone 256 245-7345
      10 West 1st Street, Sylacauga, AL 35150

      1. Sheila Bearden


        Is this still in business? Could you please send me some information?
        Thank you,

    3. Philip & Darlene Moberg

      Missed Wisconsin Amish grocery store

      Mishler’s Country Store, southwest of Dalton, Wisconsin, on Barry Road (Highway HH), East of Kiefer Road and West of Grouse Road. Also, the Amish-run “Salemville Cheese Factory”, W4481 County Road GG, Cambria, WI 53923; 920-394-3431; M-F, 8 to 5 and Sat, 8 to 4.

    4. Erik, I don’t know if this is of any significance to you, but there there are a couple of items that are not / no longer correct. I’m pretty sure that the three Jamesport businesses of Country Acres, Graber Nursery, and Homestead Creamery are all owned by German Baptists. At least the first two are listed above as Amish.

      1. Jamesport MO area businesses

        Thanks Don, updated them with that info. I found 2 of them described as German Baptist-owned online. Graber’s Nursery didn’t have the same description, but if you can confirm that I’ll change it too. Thanks for pointing that out.

        1. Rita Toussaint

          Graber Farm

          Mary Graber ia a friend of mine & she is Old Order Amish.

    5. Catherine Segal

      amish markets

      Fyi, by no stretch of imagination could Western Market in Ferndale, Michigan be construed as an Amish Market. It is a typical produce/meat/deli. I wouldn’t say anything except I would hate for anyone to take a longish ride there only to be disappointed. It is a nice produce market, but probably 150+ miles from anything Amish.

      1. Thanks, Catherine. Would you say our description of that location is accurate?

        “Carries some Amish products including fresh meats, cheeses and produce.”

        If so, I hope people who visit this page will read our description at the top (copied below), and not travel far expecting to find Amish people at a given market where they might not be (or, call first to be sure). Likewise we try to describe those places known to be Amish-run as “Amish store” or “Amish business”:

        “Amish Market” can mean different things. This directory includes:

        1.Venues commonly described as “Farmer’s Markets” or “PA Dutch Markets”, where Amish vendors sell goods a few days each week, such as those near cities like Baltimore and Washington, D.C.
        2.Non-Amish vendors selling Amish foods and other Amish goods
        3.Produce markets offering Amish-raised fruits and vegetables
        4.Amish-run shops located in Amish communities, typically selling food and related products

    6. Catherine Segal

      Amish Markets

      Before I reply to your question, please know that I love this site, the good info and leads about Amish activities and bits and pieces of Amish news and info on new books on Amish Life. I enjoy seeing a site like yours where honest/real info is shared about Amish life. That being said, I found this list with its inclusion of “carries some Amish products including fresh meats, cheeses and produce” inaccurate. I guess it all goes to the definition of the word “some”. I may be able to find limited packages of chicken prepackaged as Millers, and a pint of cottage cheese using the name Yoder. But I could go to many stores, even big box, and see that.

      I just feel like listing a store such as Western Market as selling Amish goods, whatever catagory it’s put in is misleading. My concern was about product only, not “…….traveling far to expect Amish people.”

      I guess to me it is like the Amish Space heaters, not made by the Amish. Or Amish toys with a made in China tag.

      Just my thoughts, feel free to delete. Cathie

      1. Sure, then I’ve just removed it as it sounds like you’re confirming they don’t sell any Amish-made products. There’s no intent to mislead (and I don’t know how we would even gain from that, it’s not like anyone on this free list pays for inclusion, it’s just meant to be a service for people looking for Amish products).

        We use a variety of sources to create these including online sources and what can be found on websites, and whenever this was created there was probably enough information to suggest that they carried “some Amish products” as we described it, so it fit in one of the 4 categories we describe at the top. We put all 4 groups in one list here because when creating it it didn’t really make sense to have 4 different lists.

        I hope people understand that they should check a place out before traveling a long way, I usually just assume that is understood (that’s why we give the website and phone info too). Additionally, the character of a business and its product line can change over time, which could also be a factor (so this can’t be an up to the minute account of what a place is selling). Basically we rely on reader feedback to adjust these lists over time, so thanks for the info and helping with the list. And thanks for your kind comments on the site!

    7. Linda

      Apple Creek Amish Market in Utah

      A new store has opened in Utah, selling Troyer deli meats and cheese, bulk food, Lebanon bologna, jarred jams, pickled foods, and Amish roll butter, according to the article, “Amish market store opens in southeast Provo.” The owner has Amish friends in St. Ignatius, Montana.

      Apple Creek Amish Market
      1331 S. State St., Provo, Utah
      Info: (801) 866-4988. (with 9 photos)

    8. Deborah Rinehart

      Bulk Foods Store

      I go to a bulk foods store regularly in Shipshewana called

      E & S Sales
      1265 N. State Road 5
      Shipshewana, IN

      They sell bulk food and regular can foods, cereals, coffee, frozen food, etc. They do sell a variety of cheese, Amish baked goods, and fresh produce. They do have a small deli and their ice cream is a big hit.
      The Amish community shop there so one must be mindful of all the buggies parked alongside the building. A young Amish boy will take your groceries to the car so remember to give him a little something. Both Amish and English shop here.

      Another store I go to regularly is
      Yoder Meat and Cheese
      435 S. Van Buren Street (SR5)
      Shipshewana, Indiana 46565

      This is a family run business. They have 80 different kind of cheese. They have every kind of meat you would want-chicken, beef, and pork. The meat is individually wrapped in white paper like in the old days. I like to buy the meat frozen. They have a wide variety of jerky too. If you get there at the right time, you will see the young Amish girls bringing in fresh eggs and produce.

      Hope this helps some folks. These stores are not tourist attraction, but real Amish places to shop.

    9. Steve Cooper

      BB's Grocery Outlets

      BB’s Grocery Outlets is one of the largest group of Amish owned grocery stores in Pennsylvania. They sell fresh meats, bulk foods and dairy items as well as “closeout and salvage” grocery “deals”
      The website is
      They have been is business since the 1980’s

    10. Margie Funke

      Amish Businesses

      Hi Eric,
      I love all the posts of Amish America and the Business Directory. Some time ago, I asked you if you would compile of list of stores that actually cater to the Amish. I am a sales rep for a Christian Publishing House and I have found stores with Amish customers actually do quite well with our children’s books. You replied with the names of some stores and I contacted all that were not already customers of ours. Will you be listing these businesses any time in the near future? Also, would it be possible to list stores that you visit while touring areas with Amish communities.

    11. Dorothy. M. Jackson

      Looking For ...Pumpkin CreamCheese Spread/

      I live in Monroe,La. Is there a market near us to purchase some….my husband is a OTR-trucker he brought some home, and it was Delicious…I gotta have some more!! I think there’s one in Ark,that’s probably the closest to me I think….let me know what you find not far away..Piz!!
      Thxs in advance. Mrs D.Jackson

    12. Beuna Tomalino

      Another for your list: Applecreek Amish Market, Willard, Utah

    13. Lisa

      Store location

      Hi. Are there any bulk food stores ran by Amish in Minnesota?

    14. Katy


      Are there any Amish or Mennonite country markets/stores that sell foods, spices, and other ingredients in bulk? I think Lisa is asking the same question but I don’t see a reply to her. Thank you!

    15. Chris Larrabee

      wholesaler of all grocery items

      We offer close dated case lots in frozen, dairy, and dry grocery.
      Warehouse is in Hudson, WI.

      If you would like to see our inventory, give me a call.

      Thank you.

    16. Zak Jantzi

      New York Amish Markets

      This list of NY Amish markets looks a bit small. One go-to store for me that I love is Miller’s Bulk Food & Bakery in Medina, NY. They have your typical bulk foods and baked goods, as well as great deli meats, some general grocery, etc. Their sandwiches are delicious and cheap. I am not entirely sure if they are a part of the Amish settlement in Lyndonville, NY or they are just conservative Mennonite, but their employees are plain dressed. They are great people.

      Miller’s Bulk Food & Bakery
      10858 Ridge Rd
      Medina, NY 14103

      Then there’s the Orleans Produce Auction that is, I believe, run by the same community as Miller’s. The only reason I know this is that I used to help out at the auction and the man who clerked the auction is now managing Miller’s. The auctioneer is not Amish because the community rules restrict anyone Amish from using a microphone. But it is otherwise run by Amish and many Amish sell produce at the auction, though not all consignors are. They sell produce wholesale as well as in small lots, by whatever is in season. They also do a spring and fall consignment sale of lumber, farm implements, etc.

      Orleans Produce Auction
      12590 Ridge Rd W
      Albion, NY 14411

      Another place I love when I am in the Rochester area is Golden Harvest Bakery & Cafe. I should note that the family that runs this place is not Amish–they are some kind of conservative Mennonite. I believe they came from Lancaster county not too long ago. But they sell what you might find at a typical Amish bakery or bulk food store, plus hot meals by order. Another unique part of their business is that the store is completely accommodating for the deaf, and all employees can use sign language. Since I’m not sure if it fits the criteria for an Amish business I won’t include the address, but I can later if there is interest.

      Lantz’s Bulk Foods is just outside of Warsaw, NY and is kind of a charming place. I would eat there once a week when I worked in Warsaw. They’ve good bulk foods, candies, baked goods, deli meats, and also operate as a small restaurant. Great lunch specials. I believe the owners are part of a Beachy Amish community in the Warsaw/Perry area of Wyoming County. I’ve been meaning to visit their church sometime.

      Lantz’s Bulk Foods
      5673 State Route 20-A E
      Warsaw, NY 14569

      Stony Creek Country Store in Carthage, NY is a place I have only been once or twice, but was very good from what I remember. Not sure if this was Amish or Mennonite, but what you might find at an Amish bulk food store nevertheless.

      Stony Creek Country Store
      10825 State Route 26
      Carthage, NY 13619

      I have never been to this place, but I have heard great things about Nolt’s Country Store in Lowville, NY. I understand this place to be an Amish-run business, and it would seem that way because they have a third party-run website. So I’ll add their address here:

      Nolt’s Country Store
      7189 NY-812
      Lowville, NY 13367

      I have also heard there is a new market that opened up near Lyndonville, NY this past summer. I haven’t had time to visit it yet, but I will try to add something here once I have. I believe there is a store in Conewango Valley and maybe a couple others in the north country, but I want to visit them before I attest to them. That’s all the markets I’m aware of in NY, but there are most likely many more! As this website as noted, NY is one of the largest growing states in terms of Amish settlement–I see new things popping up all the time.

    17. Regina Prout


      Do the Amish take EBT/snap