Amish Markets – Florida

Amish Markets in the Sunshine State

FL Amish MarketThe Amish presence in Florida is limited to a unique retirement/vacation community in the vicinity of Sarasota known as Pinecraft.  In addition to a market located in Pinecraft, Amish goods can be purchased in a handful of locations in Florida.

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Amish Markets in Florida

Know of a good FL Amish market? Let us know in the comments section.

Yoder’s Fresh Market
Yoder’s Amish Village
3434 Bahia Vista Street
Sarasota, FL 34239
Offers local produce daily including vine ripe tomatoes, local grown potatoes, Amish jar goods, jams and jellies, fresh baked goods and vast array of Amish.

The Amish Country Store
206 13th Street SW
Largo, FL
The Amish Country Store has been in business for over 10 years. They carry a broad choice of products including Amish butter, Amish cheeses, meats, Bird-In-Hand and Wixon shoofly pies, soda and rootbeer.

Farmish Market
3812 U.S. 98
Panama City, FL
Broad selection of Amish made products including jellies (elderberry, triple berry, gooseberry, blueberry, raspberry), roll butter, cheeses, meats and jerky, relishes, salsa, dressings and condiments, snacks and candy.

Coastal Market
2423 Florida 77
Panama City, FL
Fresh and local food market. Features some Amish made goods such as butter and cheeses, milk, Amish wedding products or pickled items.

Cakes photo: stgermh/flickr

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    1. Debbie Crum

      Amish Market


      My name is Debra Crum. I am looking to start an Amish market in Palm Harbor Florida. However, I don’t know where to obtain the Amish goods? I am not Amish, however, I read a lot of the Amish books and totally believe in their mission. I think this community would benefit from an Amish Market. If anyone can direct me, I would appreciate it.


      Debbie Crum

      1. Linda

        Amish food suppliers

        Debbie, are you familiar with:

        Amish Country Crafts, 1153 East Main Street 109, Dunedin, FL 34698, Phone: (727) 916-0465
        I came across the name but I don’t know what they sell.

        It may be beneficial to visit other stores.

        These are some suppliers:

        Troyer Meat and Cheese, Ohio.

        Walnut Creek Foods, Ohio (Jams)

    2. Where are all your locations here in florida?

    3. VickiByrd

      Searching for...

      I am currently in Lakeland FL and am looking for that wonderful Amish buttermilk. You can’t find decent b-milk in grocery chains. Where might I purchase said item in Lakeland Fl or close next location. Thank you so much. ~~Vb

    4. FUMI


      I would like you to send clothes and hats such as Amish dress to Japan.
      Where can I buy this? ?

    5. Jeannie Silver

      Amish born and raised meat

      I am trying to find Amish chicken and meat. I live in Miami Fl. Where is the closest Amish meat store?

    6. Laura Kensicki

      Pickled Okra and Ginger Cookies

      Wondering with fingers crossed if any of the semi local to Tampa Amish Markets carry Pickled Okra and Ginger Cookies. I stumbled upon a market in North Carolina but the real thing is pretty tricky to find here in Tampa Bay. Please advise and thank you!!!


    7. Kerri

      No longer in PC

      Just wanted to say, I tried to go to Coastal Market and Farmish Market this past Saturday, and they are no longer at those addresses in Panama City. Thank you!

    8. Sara Murray

      Is there a market in winter haven Fl

    9. Help

      Are there any Amish butcher meat stores in the panhandle of fl

    10. Raw Milk Please


      I currently buy milk from Amos Miller in Bird in Hand Penn. The shipping costs are getting high and I am wondering if someone in the Amish community sells RAW milk in the Orlando area. Please contact me at if you have information.

      Thank you,


    11. Jean Gard

      Wheat berries

      I live northwest of Tampa FL and am hoping to find an Amish community who sells wheat berries. Hard white or soft white, hard or soft red, einkorn?

      1. Anne

        Wheat Berries

        I’ve been trying to find good Amish suppliers of Wheat Berries as well.
        Have you found anywhere in Florida that sells WheatBerries.

        Thank you,