Amish Market locations in Illinois

IL Amish MarketAmish communities can be found in various locations across Illinois, with the largest settlement lying in central Illinois around the town of Arthur.  A number of Amish and non-Amish-owned venues sell Amish products including foods, produce and baked goods.  Find one in your neck of the woods in the listings below.

Amish Markets in Illinois

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Weaver’s Country Market 
1015 Weaver Lane
Dongola, IL
Amish country store with a selection of Amish homemade products.

Grammer’s Market 
10 West Pine
Alto Pass, IL
(618) 893-2490
Variety store, grocery store, carries broad choice of products both Amish and non-Amish made.

Beachy’s Bulk Foods
259 N CR 200E
Arthur, IL 61911
Arthur Amish homemade pastries, fresh pies, flours, spices, candy and groceries.

The Kitchen of Doris Yoder
2060 CR 1700 East
Arthur, IL 61911
Restaurant, bakery and gift shop. Restaurant serving Amish-style meals.

Shady Crest Farm Market
2088 CR 1800E
Arthur, IL
Amish farm and apple orchard. Broad choice of fruit and vegetables, honey, apple butter, maple syrup, country-cured meats, different cheeses, fresh baked goods and more.

Amishland’s General Store
1304 Tuscola Blvd
Tuscola, IL
Amish quilts, wood crafts, food products and souvenirs.

Yoder’s Kitchen
1195 E. Columbia
Arthur, IL
Amish/Mennonite home cooking, pies, rolls, lunch and dinner buffet.  Gift shop.

Yoder’s Homestead Shop & Furniture
117 E. Main St.
Arcola, IL
Local Amish-made jams and jellies, popcorn and quilts among a large selection of Amish handcrafted furniture.

Illinois Amish Country Bakery

Pumpkin bread from a bakery located in Arthur Illinois, home to the state’s largest Amish settlement

Amish Healthy Foods
1023 N. Western Ave
Chicago, IL
Small family business operated by a mother and daughter. They carry a wide selection of Amish products from Shipshewana community in Indiana. Amish Healthy Foods offers natural fed/free-range meats, cheeses, raw products, organic milk, eggs, organic fruits and vegetables, cookies, candy, baked goods and more.

Yaeger’s Farm Market
14643 State Route 38
DeKalb, IL
Seasonal source for flowers, plants and field fresh produce. Some Amish homemade items available including jam and jellies, no-sugar jams, apple butter, homemade fruit butters, homemade mayo and mustard, pie fillings and more.

Rise ‘N Roll
Federal Plaza Farmers Market
50 W Adams
Chicago, IL 60606

17300 Oak Park Ave.
Chicago, IL

271 Lakewood Blvd.,
Park Forest, IL 60466

Bakery and deli, founded by Amish from northern Indiana.  Currently non-Amish ownership, with original owners active in the business.  Various Chicago locations.

Looking for an Amish market in another state?  Try the full Amish Market State Listings.

Ham & cheese log photo: Kimono Loco/flickr; Pumpkin bread photo: chrisfreeland2002/flickr

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