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Amish markets across PA

PA Amish MarketPennsylvania is home to many Amish markets, from PA Dutch markets with Amish vendors in cities such as Philadelphia or Allentown, to farm markets located in Lancaster County and elsewhere.  Lancaster County itself is home to many of the Amish vendors who travel to off-site markets in Pennsylvania and other states.

In multi-vendor suburban/urban markets, Amish stands typically are open three days per week (Thurs-Fri-Sat), though schedules may vary, with some being open additional days (if uncertain, check with the market itself via contact info given below).

You’ll find info for two dozen PA Amish markets below.

Amish Markets in Pennsylvania

Know of a good PA Amish market we missed? Let us know in the comments.

Lancaster Central Market
23 N Market St, Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 735-6890‎
Historic farmers’ market in downtown Lancaster City. The oldest continuously-operated such market in America. Over 60 vendors, including Amish.

The Markets At Shrewsbury
12025 Susquehanna Trail
Glen Rock, PA
Sizeable market containing a broad choice of products provided by Amish and non-Amish vendors. Bakery, deli, seafood, produce stand, and hot food options. Also contains a large furniture outlet, crafts store, and outdoor furniture and structures.

PA Dutch Farmer’s Market of Wyomissing
845 Woodland Rd
Wyomissing, PA 19610
(610) 374-1916
Foods including organic produce, baked goods, gourmet coffee, barbecue, salads, meats stand, and pretzels.

Busy Bee’s Farm Market
3378 Old Philadelphia Pike
Ronks, PA
Amish grown fruits and vegetables.

Kauffman’s Fruit Farm and Market
3097 Old Philadelphia Pike
Bird-in-Hand, PA
Extensive selection of products including some Amish-made such as dumplings from family-owned Arianna’s Bakery and Amish canned vegetables.

Fisher’s Bakery and Roadside Stand
328 North Belmont Road
Gordonville, PA
Amish-owned road stand selling canned and home-baked goods.

Newtown PA Dutch Farmers Market
2150 South Eagle Road
Newtown, PA
Sixteen vendors under one roof, both Amish and non-Amish, selling a broad choice of fresh products.

Kennett Square Farmers’ Market
State and Union Streets
Kennett Square, PA
Amish and non-Amish vendors, providing a wide array of foods, bulk foods, cheeses, groceries, fresh produce and much more.

The New Garden Growers Market
Rt. 41 near Avondale
Takes place every Saturday in front of the New Garden Township Maintenance Garage. Fresh produce locally grown by Amish and non-Amish suppliers. Amish baked goods available.

Oxford Village Farmers’ Market
Corner of 3rd and Locust Street
Oxford, PA
Fresh produce from Amish farms.

Fountain Farmers’ Market
East Passyunk Ave, at 11th and Tasker Streets
Philadelphia, PA
Amish baked goods.

Bristol Amish Market
498 Green Lane
Bristol, PA 19007
Bristol Amish Market provides fresh seasonal produce, bulk foods, meats, cheeses and much more. Crafts and furniture available as well.

Reading Terminal Market
51 North 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
A bustling urban market offering a wide selection of stands selling foods and products from around a world, in a historic location operating since 1892. Amish homemade goods available, and ten Amish/Mennonite vendors in the “Pennsylvania Dutch” section. Located in Center City Philadelphia.

Allentown Farmers Market
Shop listings inside the Allentown Farmer’s Market.

Allentown Fairground Farmers Market
1825 W Chew St
Allentown, PA
Home to over 60 stands run both by Amish and non-Amish sellers, offering an array of products including Amish homemade baked goods.

Rice’s Market
6326 Greenhill Road
New Hope, PA
A 30-acre outdoor market with Amish meats and baked goods, fresh fruits, vegetables, antiques, collectibles and much more.

Pocono Farm Stand & Nursery
Pennsylvania 611
Tannersville, PA
Fresh produce including sweet corn, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, peaches.

Bluegate Farm Homegrown Produce & Homestyle Bakery
2725 A Lincoln Highway East
Ronks, PA
Amish owned and operated farm. Provides fresh produce and homemade baked goods such as whoopie pies, pumpkin rolls, breads and more. Home preserved goods, root beer, horseradish available as well.

Olde Heritage Homemade
Root Beer & Gift Shop

3217 Old Philadelphia Pike
Ronks, PA
Amish farm market, locally owned and operated by Elam & Naomi Fisher, features homemade root beer, baked goods, home canned preserves, and handcrafted gifts.

The Amish Pantry
467 Berwick Hazleton Highway
Nescopeck, PA
Carries broad selection of Amish products including fruit butter, meats, cheeses, Amish Wedding foods, granola and noodles.

Apple Castle
277 Pennsylvania 18
New Wilmington, PA
Family owned and operated farm and market. Offers fresh produce and specialty items for over 150 years. Amish homemade fresh baked goods available.

Booth’s Corner Farmers Market
1362 Naamans Creek Road
Garnet Valley, PA 19060
(610) 485-0775
Offers a range of products provided both by Amish and non Amish vendors.

Pleasant Valley Country Store
429 Sproul Road
Kirkwood, PA
Amish owned and operated variety store. Features groceries, bulk foods, cheeses, meats, kitchen gadgets, housewares, books, vitamins, herbs, dairy products and much more.

Lapp Valley Farm
244 Mentzer Road
New Holland, PA
Hormone-free milk and homemade ice-cream made on an Amish farm.

Kissel Hill Fruit Farm Orchard & Market
2101 Kissel Hill Rd
Lititz, PA
Offers Amish baked goods including whoopie, pies, breads, cookies and more every Friday and Saturday.

Green Dragon Farmers Market & Auction
955 North State Street
Ephrata, PA 17522
(717) 738-1117
Farmer’s market and auction grounds on 30-acre site in Lancaster County. Indoor and outdoor vendor spaces. Numerous fresh food sellers. Open Friday only, from 9am to 9pm (8pm in Jan & Feb).

Bird-in-Hand Farmer’s Market photo: Ken Lund/flickr; Allentown Farmer’s Market photo: philipbahr/flickr

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    1. Bill

      Amish stores

      What about typical Amish “general” stores? Such as:
      East Drumore Foods
      Little Britain rd
      Quarryville, Pa 17566


      Pleasant Valley Store
      429 Sproul Rd
      Kirkwood, Pa 17536

      I shop store like these quite often, I know listing Farms that sell eggs and produce and such is impossible,We also shop at Amish nurseries too, like:

      Maple Shade Road Greenhouse
      451 Maple Shade Rd
      Kirkwood, pa 17536

      Would be nice for these types of businesses were also listed, not just the tourist trap markets.

      1. Smaller PA Amish stores

        Bill I agree the smaller Amish stores need to be listed as well, though probably in a different section.

        Right now we have a mix of markets/stores above, though a lot of them are of the PA Dutch market model with a number of Amish vendors under one roof–though a few might fit the description, I’m not sure “tourist traps” is an accurate description of a lot of these places. Ideally this would be just the PA Dutch farmer’s market listings with those smaller free standing stores going somewhere else.

        If you or anyone else would like to compile such as list of smaller Amish food category stores I’d be glad to use it to build a new page. I have that on the list of things to do but have not gotten to yet.

        Anyway I appreciate the comment; the reason I deleted the other comment you left is because it was identical info as this, and since these are PA businesses, would rather have it posted here than in the general market section.

        1. Angela Gates

          Small Amish Markets

          I would love the list of smaller Amish food category stores since we are very soon going to be making a trip to the Lancaster area and plan on trying to find some of the smaller Amish run roadside markets and stores. I am especially interested in a genuine Amish run bakery.

          Angela Gates

          1. Linda

            Amish bulk food stores

            Angela, you may want to see the comments at:




            One of the bulk food suppliers has on online store locator. It’s a great help and source of information to find bulk food stores in any part of the United States, and match them up with zip codes from Amish settlements. For example, Kinzers, PA is 17535. Not all bulk food stores are Amish or Mennonite, but many are.


            1. Angela Gates

              Thanks so much for the information.

        2. Leilah DiMar



          Did you ever compile a list of the smaller stores? I am heading out to PA soon and I’d like to buy direct.I think my daughters would like the experience. I am looking for food and those round bowls they use as well as an Amish second hand store, if that exists.

          1. I’m sorry, haven’t been able to do that. If there is a specific area you are going, maybe we can direct you to some places.

          2. Linda

            Lancaster County map and businesses



            has an interactive map for Shopping Local Shops, Bakeries, Artisans, and Farmers Markets. It might be a start, although some listings may not be what you have in mind.

            You could also check A Lancaster County PA Business Directory, for Groceries:
            You can also Browse by Category for Bakers, Builders, Cabins and Sheds, Fabric Stores, Produce, Quilting, and more.

            Another source of information is the Lancaster County Business Directory Online, where you can search for Groceries, Housewares, Storage Sheds, etc.

            The 2015 Lancaster County Business Directory with 452 pages has an index in the back for Groceries, Health Foods, Housewares, Hardware, and more.

            1. Linda

              Country Housewares Store

              Country Housewares Store
              589 Musser School Rd
              Leola, PA 17540
              is also known as the Amish Walmart!

          3. Linda

            Thrift Store Lancaster County

            Leilah, you asked about an Amish second hand store.
            I don’t know about Amish-owned stores, but the Amish patronize:

            Country Gift & Thrift Shoppe
            5602 Old Philadelphia Pike
            Gap, PA 17527
            Phone: 717-768-3784
            Benefits Mennonite Central Committee (MCC)
            Unique to this location, Country Gift and Thrift plays host to regular “quilting bees,” where local Amish and Mennonite ladies regularly convene in the quilting room to quilt beautiful new quilts that are available for sale.

            Three other second hand stores benefit MCC:
            -ReUzit Shop of New Holland
            -Ephrata Re-Uzit Shop
            -Mount Joy Gift & Thrift

            Second Street Thrift, in Denver, PA, benefits Home International.

            Once Mine Now Yours Consignment
            704 E Lincoln Ave, Myerstown, PA 17067
            (717) 866-2882
            (Once Mine is a Mennonite business.)

            (Donating to a thrift store? Better check the pockets. March 2014)

            (Consignment and Thrift Shops)

            (Thrift Store and Consignment Shop listings)

            (Charitable Thrift Shops)

          4. Amish-Girl Rebecca

            If you ever come to Holmes I’d be glad to give you a list of “Amish” stores in the area.

      2. Lori

        Angela Gates Small Amish Markets

        I agree that the small markets should be listed. I live in Western PA. I never go to a market that says Amish in their name. They double and triple the price. Amish furniture is not cheap; however, it is worth it though in most cases, so it is better to go directly to the source. The produce and eggs are fresh and a fraction of the price. The baked goods are reasonably priced but usually amazing. I go to the Amish farms and their houses In New Wilmington and Atlantic PA. I find new ones all the time by following signs along the road.

    2. Retailers of Supplements/Nutrition

      I will be doing a sales trip out in the PA area, specifically targeting the Lancaster County area. I know some grocery stores sell supplements/herbs, but do you have a list or can you direct me to a list of businesses currently selling supplements? I’d love to make more specific travel arrangements to visit these locations. Thank you!

    3. Patrick

      NEPA Amish Market

      I am interested in opening an indoor Amish marketplace in NE Pennsylvania. Any suggestions as to vendor contacts? Thank-you.

    4. Wm Grammer

      Amish Markets-PA

      Can you tell me the location of the Amish/Mennonite Farmers Market? I’ve seen the YouTube video of it but it doesn’t give the location. Thanks!

      1. Linda

        Root's Country Market

        Wm., are you talking about Root’s Country Market?
        705 Graystone Rd, Manheim, PA 17545
        (717) 898-7811

        Or do you mean a produce auction, or something else?
        It would be interesting to know which YouTube you are referring to.

      2. Linda


        Wm, I found a YouTube for “AMISH / MENNONITES FARMERS MARKET IN PENNSYLVANIA LANCASTER COUNTY, THE OLDEST.” The comments guess it to be either Green Dragon, Root’s Market, or “Lewisburg Farmer’s Market, Lewisburg, PA, Union County.Held every Wednesday.” The maker of the video said “THEY HOLD A FARMERS MARKET TWICE WEEKLY.” This mystery should be solved! (11:31)

    5. Margie

      Amish Meat Markets

      I’m in Johnstown,PA, I’m looking for a Meat Market, where I can purchase fresh meats, steaks, chop meat, ect.
      Does anyone know of any? I don’t mind driving.


      1. Judy Ferrante

        meat markets in Pa

        Nasuers market in Pleasant Unity, Rt 130, neae Greensburg, has fresh meat and it is very good. The prices are great also. Have you tried Market Basket in Johnstown Pa?

    6. Raymond Kurtz

      Amish Market on Route 15

      Good evening, last fall my wife visited an Amish market on route 15, she would like to visit it again when we drive up from Virginia but cannot remember where it is.

      Thank you.

      1. Linda

        Raymond, I don’t have an answer, just some clues about an Amish market on Route 15.

        Weaver’s Farm Market & Bakery, Port Trevorton, Pa.:–bakery/4c056a74191f20a1860fe314

        Do you know in which county of Pennsylvania it was? Sometimes a road will have a second name as it goes through a town.
        U.S. Route 15 in Pennsylvania:

        Pennsylvania Farm Market Guide:

    7. Oren Evans


      I am doing research on autism and I know the Amish have a very low rate compared to the general population. I’m wondering if some children are exposed to conditions outside of the home. Do parents of infants take them with them when they work at farmers markets or other such places? Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.


      1. Sherry


        the Amish do not vaccinate. they also eat food that is grown with true sustainable farming methods. we ARE what we consume.

    8. Mark -- Holmes Co.

      That would be hard to determine. We used to do the farmer’s market. Sometimes a child or two would go with us, sometimes not. Friends of ours took their children along regularly while another family didn’t feel it was appropriate. There is going to be a big variety in that. Some of the variables might include where the market is, the time of year, the age of the child, the availability of babysitters or do one or both parents go, and so on.

    9. Amish Markets – Pennsylvania

      An impressive share! I have just forwarded this onto a colleague who had been doing a
      little research on this. And he in fact bought me dinner due to the fact that I stumbled upon it for him…
      lol. So let me reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!!
      But yeah, thanks for spending time to talk about
      this matter here on your blog.

    10. Nancy

      100% Amish market

      Where and when can I find a store or spot with just Amish products specially vegetables and dairy.

    11. Market Concept

      Where is the location? Can you give the direction!

    12. About Offers

      A great offer! I have quite recently sent this onto an associate who had been doing a

      little exploration on this. What’s more, he in actuality got me supper because of the way that I unearthed it for him…

      lol. So let me rephrase this… . Much obliged to YOU for the dinner!!

      Be that as it may, better believe it, much obliged for investing energy to discuss

      this issue here on your blog.

    13. Rita


      Does anyone know if there are any Amish market stands in Montgomery County,PA? Thanks!

    14. Trevor

      Westtown Amish Market

      If you are nearby, I highly recommend Westtown Amish Market. (Thurs, Fri, Sat)

      Westtown Village Shopping Center
      1165 Wilmington Pike,
      West Chester, PA 19382

    15. donald

      Amish Market

      My family will be traveling to Plymouth Meeting on Friday January 26th. We will not have much free time, and I would love to visit an Amish Market. Can anyone recommend a good one to visit. Out free time will be limited.