Now that we’re finally on the right side of the Spring Equinox many of us have our minds on warmer topics.  But let’s pause for a moment before diving into spring to think about a technology we often take for granted–refrigeration.

Most Amish do use some variety of refrigerator.  Amish who don’t typically rely on ice for cooling.  Today Tom offers us some photos of a friend’s new ice house in a New York Amish community.

Tom shares: “My friend Noah built this ice house this winter.  He is one of the lucky ones who have harvested enough for the coming year.  Many people I visited Saturday have not put any ice up yet because of the mild winter we have had in western New York.  The weather does not look good for cold temps in the future.”

Amish Ice House

Tom: “Notice the old door that is reused.  Waste not want not.”

Ice House

“Not much room at this point.  Noah’s 5 children like yogurt and hot dogs.”

Amish Ice

I have a section on Amish ice boxes in my upcoming book.  I’ve learned ice harvesting has something of an art to it.  Thanks to Tom for sharing the photos today.


Amish-made cheese

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