Amish Community Fulfills Last Wish Of English Friend

A heartwarming story out of Vernon County, Wisconsin. A man named Bill Markee had a special relationship with the local Amish community. They apparently felt similarly towards him, as you’ll see in this account (via

“My dad was a unique individual who could carry a conversation with anybody,” said Mat Markee.

Born in 1936, William “Bill” Markee considered himself a part of the old world, just like his neighbors.

“Taking the Amish around, giving them rides, working with them close knit. They lived in them old days he was used to,” said Markee.

Bill’s neighbors, who tend to keep to themselves, always made an exception for him — starting with his home.

“Dad wanted to make it big enough for everyone to come here with 12 kids and the Amish did all the work on the place with dad,” said Markee.

Bill Markee had a last wish as to how he’d make his final journey. And his Amish friends complied:

Before Bill died on December 15th, the veteran had one last wish.

“He always talked about how he wanted to be honored as the old military. Back in the day, they used to haul the soldiers to the grave on horse and buckboard,” said Mazelin.

The Markee family reached out to some familiar friends for help.

“I said if that’s what he wanted and if I can help you out, I would do that for you,” said Mazelin.

The Amish and the English came together for someone loved by both.

“I think he’d be pretty proud. Kind of wish he would be here, but he would be honored for especially them giving the time to come haul him,” said Markee.

Together, they carried Bill to his final resting place.

“It’s good to be able to fulfill his last dreams,” said Markee.

Touching story and hopefully he was aware they would be doing that for him before he passed away. The irony here is that he wanted to be carried to the cemetery in a style reminiscent of the “old military” – and the Amish are famously nonresistant, in other words, they do not go to war or serve in the military. Still, that obviously wasn’t any sort of impediment here. (update: the original article has been removed at source)

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    1. Jeffrey C Masters

      I have a similar friendship with a few Amish families. I can think of nothing better than to have my Amish friends at my funeral, and have an Amish preacher speak. There are no more sincere and devout people on this earth, and they will always have my respect.

    2. John Held


      The Amish are truly great friends! I have always enjoyed my time with them! It was very gracious of them to fulfill his request.

    3. Lois Luckovich

      A wonderfully touching story

      I really enjoyed this and I’ve seen something similar her. My dear friend Don Pontius was very active in the local Draft horse club so when he passed 2 members volunteered their horses and wagon to carry him from the church to the grave after his funeral service

    4. Last wish of English friend

      It just amazing how these kind hearted people show their love and respect. You don’t get that here in the big cities. Thank you for sharing such a lovely story.